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We all love summer vacation, but we know deep down that the bliss can’t last forever. There’s a lot to consider when gearing up for a new school year, for both Mom and the kids. Everybody will be feeling a little bit of anxiety in the days leading up to school starting again.

There’s a lot to do for both parents and children. Here are a few ways that you can help your little ones be ready to go when the big day arrives.

Admission and Registration

Whether your kids are starting at a new school or simply returning to the one they’ve been attending, there will be some admin you’ll need to take care of ahead of time.

If you’re starting at a new school, you will have needed to take care of applying well ahead of time. If this is the phase you’re in, you can look at private preparatory school admissions or admissions to public schools.

If your kids are already admitted to a school or have been attending one for a few years, you’ll probably just need to pop into the school grounds to get them signed up and registered for the year ahead.

Talking to Teachers

A new school year inevitably means new teachers, which can be daunting, especially for your younger kids. Paying a visit to your children’s new teachers, getting to know them, asking any questions you might have and introducing them to your children is a great way for everybody to feel more at ease.

If you and your kids have already met the teachers beforehand, the big first day of school won’t be so intimidating, and your little ones will hopefully feel safe in their new classroom.

Plan Some Play Dates

Everyone’s summer is different, but if you’ve spent a lot of time indoors or even away from home on vacation, it might have been a little while since your kids have seen their friends.

Planning some playdates in the weeks leading up to school starting again is a great way to get them reacquainted with one another and even meet new friends who they could spend time with at school. This is a great way to get your children excited to get back into the classroom and spend time with their friends.

Buy the Gear

School uniforms, backpacks, stationery, lunch boxes, snack packs, hair ties, school books, you name it, and you’ll probably need it for school. With busy and chaotic schedules coming up, you’ll want to make sure that everything that needs to be purchased is done so at least a week before school starts.

Let your kids go shopping with you and choose some of their own things. This will get them excited to step into the classroom!

Adjust Ahead of Time

Suddenly waking up early and rushing around is a big adjustment after weeks of taking it slow. A week before school starts, start adjusting the kids (and your own) schedules to start getting used to earlier mornings and less time in front of the television.

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