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There are many tips and guides for working from home. But, how do you stay productive during online working hours, when your kids are at home, and you have countless house chores to get through?

Prepare your workspace

Why have a dedicated workspace? Having a dedicated workspace will make it easier to concentrate better on your work and be productive. Also, the child will very easily understand that you are at work.

So what does a workspace actually mean? It is important to have a space at home where no one and nothing will disturb you from work. Your workspace can be a dining table in the kitchen, a quiet corner in the bedroom. It can be any place where you are able to concentrate.

Don’t you have a tidy house? Start with that. There is a huge chance your untidy space will distract you from work. First, tidy up the space which you plan to establish as your workspace.

Another important part of a “workspace” is comfort. Yes, you also need to feel comfortable while being productive – but not much to fall asleep. For example, back problems can occur if you work for four hours while sitting on an uncomfortable chair. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and computer screen at a sufficient distance – you don’t want to damage your eyesight.

Last but not least, don’t forget to define a “workspace” for your child. It is important for the child to have his own workspace – a room, a table, a playroom, where he spends time while you work.

Get a helper

If you and your child each have your own workspace. It is definitely important for you to have the child’s insight so that you know what he is up to. Baby video monitors, in particular, are a great help for parents to keep an eye on children. You can make sure what your child is doing while you work in your workspace. You don’t have to buy an overpriced baby monitor and still have a baby monitor you can rely on. If you have two phone devices you have a baby monitor. This baby monitor app connects any combination of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Android devices to create a baby monitor system with both audio and video capabilities.

Download the Annie Baby Monitor onto both phones. Set up one device in the child‘s room and point the camera at the child’s workspace. The key thing is putting the phone far enough to see your child but not too far away as to not be able to tell what’s going on. This phone will be your baby monitor, the other – your phone – will be the parent unit. This phone-based monitor has many benefits, mainly check in on your child anywhere, at any time.

Take a break

Yes, you read it right. Rest is inseparably linked to productivity.

Without the usual milestones of a normal working day in the office, such as a walk for lunch, a coffee break, a ride to public transport, it can be very difficult to disconnect from work.

People who work from home often work for a longer time without a single break. The absence of breaks leads to stress and sometimes even to burnout.

Take time to stretch the body, eat, take a short walk. And don’t forget to disconnect from work mentally. It will keep you healthy and happy, and you will also be more productive in the long run.

Make time for yourself

It’s important to find time for your well-being. Arrange babysitting or use the Annie baby monitor app. In your free time relax, meditate, listen to music, read your favorite book or magazine, take a long hot bath, do whatever you need to do to turn off. This is also an important part of productivity.

Thank you for reading.


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