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Have you heard of Bush Baby World yet? I bet if you have a daughter a similar age to mine, you will have! Evie has been collecting them for a few months now and she absolutely loves them. I have to agree with her that they are pretty cute and she loves that you can wiggle their eyes and waggle their ears!

So far she has collected Princess Melina, Lady Lexi, Kiki, Issi and Mimi…

Bush Baby World is a new fantastical concept for children (aged 5-9), based in a magical world of cute and cuddly characters to collect and love. It’s home to literally hundreds of different types of Bush Babies who live across all the varied regions of their magical world. Brought to life through a range of unique and patented toys, online creative play, storytelling and animated webisodes, AW17 is just the start of a brand that has endless entertainment and play opportunities to spark the imagination.

Evie even has the Dream Tree which is where all the Bush Baby friends live. It’s a great place for her to keep her collection together in their little sleepy pods…

As a parent what I love about Bush Babies is that they encourage children to be kind, helpful and friendly whilst having lots of fun adventures.

If the toys themselves weren’t cute enough, Bush Baby World has now been¬†brought to life in an exciting new animated series full of adventures! Evie is already well and truly hooked. There’s 11 webisodes to watch so far, here’s one of Evie’s favourites where we get to meet the latest additions to Bush Baby World – The Blossoms…

Bush Babies are available to buy online from Amazon, Argos, Smyths and The Entertainer. Find out more about Bush Baby World here.

Are your little ones into Bush Baby World toys?

Thank you for reading.

*This is a collaborative post*