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Introducing Poppy


On Saturday we brought home the newest member of our family, our puppy Poppy! So I thought I would introduce her properly to you all…

Poppy is a basset hound and is eight weeks old. We first went to see her when she was five weeks old after seeing an advert on Pets 4 Homes and just fell in love with her, I mean just look at those ears and that squishy little face! Who could possibly resist?

She’s been at home with us for a few days now and is settling in really well. She’s eating, drinking and playing just as she should be. For the most part she is going to the toilet outside or on the puppy training pads but of course there is still a lot of work to be done in that department! She is quite upset when we leave her at night to go to bed but we are persevering with it as we know that if we give in to her now we’ll just be making a rod for our own backs.

This isn’t the first puppy we’ve had, we had Louis from him being eight weeks old too but that was almost eight years ago now and you really do forget what it’s like. For anyone that doesn’t know, Louis (pronounced Louie – I always get asked that!), was our labrador that we sadly lost to cancer recently. We made the decision to get Poppy quite soon after as the house just felt so strange without a dog around.

So why a basset hound? Well, we love labradors and would love another in the future but we had decided that we wanted a smaller dog this time as our house isn’t the biggest. We made a list of a few breeds, did some research and then went to the Pets 4 Homes website to see what was available. Pets 4 Homes is a great website to look at if you’re searching for a new puppy, it’s where we got our last dog from too. We did consider a rescue dog as I’d love to be able to give a home to a dog that really needs it but we decided that with young children around it wasn’t the best idea as you just don’t really know how they are going to be.

I filmed a little video on the day we collected Poppy, it’s only really a few clips but I think it will be nice to look back on in years to come. I would have loved to have had something like this from when Louis was a puppy…

Here’s a few photos of our new little love…

I think I will do a six month update to let you all know how she’s been getting on and to show you how much she’s grown!

Thanks for reading.