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7th Birthday

My boy is seven! Wow, doesn’t seven sound so big? Much bigger than six. I say it every single year and I’m sure I’ll continue to say it every year but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! Seriously, slow down.

Max’s birthday was on Sunday but we celebrated all weekend. Starting with his party on Saturday morning. He had a soft pay party at the same place that Evie had hers two weeks ago. He handed about 20 invites out and in the first couple of weeks I think we only had one RSVP! So I was panicking to say the least. Luckily in the end I think about six school friends turned up, which is still a pretty poor turn out but better than one I guess. We also had some friends from outside of school and family too so a decent turn out in the end. I’m so pleased he enjoyed it.

After the party we headed to Valley Centertainment as they had invited us there for a family day out, blog post will be coming soon. We started with Coco at the cinema which was great, although Max did find the ending really sad bless him. Then we went to play adventure golf, followed by tea at Chiquito. A very busy but fantastic family day.

Sunday started with opening presents and cards, as you do. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, really spring like and such a contrast to the snow we had on Evie’s birthday just three weeks ago. We went out for a walk and a play in the playground to make the most of the nice weather, you never know how long it’s going to last do you?

After lunch Evie had a birthday party to go to so James took her to that while I took Max over to Smyths to spend his birthday money. We came out with an LOL surprise scooter and lots of other bits of pink plastic tat!

When Evie had finished at the birthday party we went to my mum’s house for pizza, birthday cake and more presents which is pretty much what we do every birthday but the kids love it.

You can watch the video from Max’s special day here…

Max had a brilliant day, as did we all. Happy 7th birthday little man. We love you lots xxx

Thank you for reading.