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Working whilst being a Stay at Home Mum | Is it Really Possible?

working mum

Though from the outside staying at home with the kids might seem easier than a full time job, the reality is something entirely different. No breaks, no days off, and sometimes no adult conversation, etc. Sometimes many parents, particularly those doing it alone, really can’t afford to not have any source of earning, so more and more mums are turning to working from home so they can try to juggle both the kids, and their career. It is not easy, but nor is it impossible.

Here are some practical tips on making it work and earning a little extra cash…


Becoming a freelancer opens doors to extremely flexible work. If you enjoy and/or are particularly skilled in writing, computer programming, or designing for example, these are a couple of areas that have a steady demand for freelancers. You get to manage your schedule and how much work you take on, whilst balancing being a working professional and a mum.

Become a virtual assistant 

With a computer and strong Internet connection, becoming a virtual assistant is a great option for stay at home mums. You can work from home and the work is often task-based, so you are able to manage a schedule but also bring in some extra money.

Become a dog walker 

Being a dog walker is often considered a small gig to be picked up when needed, but it can be turned into a steady paying job should you choose so. It is up to you to make the effort and meet clients! From there, you can walk dogs around free time, even take your kids along with you to help out sometimes, or have a dog-walking business turn into around-the-clock dog care (possibly not for parents already caring for young kids!).

Write a blog

Writing a blog is a both a creative outlet and a way to monetize something you enjoy doing. It can take time to build up and start earning money from, but the flexibility and activity of doing something you enjoy gives you a way to express your individuality. Enjoy cooking? Start up a food blog. Interested in combining interior design, fashion, food and life in general? A lifestyle blog is a great way to go. So many bloggers have written posts offering tips and advice to those wanting to set up their own blog– you may end up becoming part of a lovely community of likeminded people as well as earning some extra cash.

Most work at home jobs are online, and so are the job listings you’ll need to use in order to find a vacancy that suits you. In just a couple of minutes you can enter all your specifications (e.g. hours, location) into a trusted site, such as uk.jobrapido.com, and find a long list of jobs that can fit in with your circumstances.

As you start your search, be honest with yourself! What would you want to spend your ‘free time’ doing? Then look for jobs that are flexible and can work around the time and space that you realistically have. Imagine you are working from home and your kid barges into your office space while you are on a call? What type of job would leave you feeling comfortable and happy to be a stay at home mum and working professional at the same?

There are so many options out there to choose from, so do something you love!

Thanks for reading.

*This is a guest post by Emily J*