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Better Sleep with the ResMed S+

ResMed S+

Sleep is something that has always fascinated me. I am very interested in how the different stages of sleep work and how some of us sleep well and others just don’t. Since becoming a parent sleep has become more important to me than ever. Although my children are 4 and 6 now and sleep pretty well most of the time, it’s not uncommon for me to be disturbed during the night and very early mornings are also the norm.

I was sent a ResMed S+ to review and I have really enjoyed using it so far. The device sits next to your bed and monitors your breathing and movements while you sleep. It also monitors things such as noise, light and the temperature of your room. You download the app to go along with the S+ so that you can see how well you’re sleeping and how you can improve it.

Each night before you go to sleep you answer a series of questions to help the S+ monitor your sleep such as how many caffeinated drinks you’ve had that day, how much exercise you’ve done and how stressed you have been.

In the morning you’re given a sleep score out of 100 and you will be able to see on the charts the different sleep stages and how many times you were disturbed.

On the days when your sleep could be better the app will give you some suggestions on how you could get a better nights sleep. So for me, the ResMed app suggested that I drink less caffeine and also get more exercise in order to improve my deep sleep stage.

So far my worst sleep score has been 72 which was down to a lack of deep sleep and too many disruptions. I followed the advice that the app gave me and did see an improvement in my sleep the following night.

For the most part my sleep score has been around 90, so I’m doing pretty well. My husband has had a go at using the ResMed S+ too, he works nights so his sleep pattern is all over the place. He is seeing really good results since using the S+, probably because he had a lot of improvement to be made, unlike myself.

If you struggle with sleep and want to improve it, I would say the S+ is definitely worth checking out. Even if, like me, you sleep pretty well but are interested in learning more about sleep then give it a go. I have found it fascinating to see how my sleep is broken up into the different stages – REM, deep and light.

The ResMed S+ is available to buy from Amazon for £129.95.

Thanks for reading.

*I was kindly sent the ResMed S+ to review, however all opinions are my own*