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How to Blitz Nits (and Other Nasties)

Blitz nits

Mumsnet have just released a hilarious new book – How to Blitz Nits (and Other Nasties). The book is full of advice and funny stories to help you through some of the grim challenges of parenting.

The book starts with the line “Raising children, it turns out, is basically an extreme form of pest control” and doesn’t that just says it all really? The book is broken down into chapters all about the different nasties that us parents might have to deal with. From nits to conjunctivitis and verrucas, you’ll be laughing along with these hilarious stories.

Brimming with first-hand experience from real mums, this little book is filled with solutions ranging from how to deal with a poonami to how to be your child’s bedtime hero, all accompanied by wry word of hope and encouragement.

Each nasty has it’s own dedicated chapter containing both practical and hilarious tips, equipping you with all the information you need to make your nasty encounters as stress-free as possible.

I am lucky that my children haven’t yet had nits, but it’s something that I am dreading and just the thought of those pesky little creatures makes my skin crawl! The nits chapter had me in stitches as it talks you through getting rid of the pests, as well as some great advice from other mums.

A chapter than I can definitely relate to is Dragons under the Bed as we are definitely going through this stage with Max at the moment! I loved the advice from other mums in this chapter, one suggests mixing lavender oil with water in a spray bottle, because obviously monsters HATE lavender!

How to Blitz Nits (and Other Nasties) is available to buy from Amazon now for £8.99.

Thanks for reading.

*I was kindly sent this book for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own*

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