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fashion trends

*This is a guest article*

Clothing is designed with both form and function in mind, though it often leans one way or the other. Apparel is considered to be one of those golden industries that will always do well because people certainly aren’t going to stop wearing them anytime soon. In 2020, the overall apparel industry was worth $1.5 trillion and this is expected to reach $2.5 trillion by 2025.

Fashion has long been used as a medium of expression for many people. Naturally, this carries over to their work life, as there are certain industries that have particular outfits that reflect their daily needs, while other industries are known for more eccentric styles. Let’s take a look at some examples of this.

Professional Poker

While you may never have considered it, the poker world has seen a huge evolution in fashion trends over the years. You can imagine that in a profession where you can wear anything you want, poker pros do precisely that. However, the insane fashion comes from more than just freedom or boredom. Sometimes their attire is for functional reasons, like sunglasses to hide their eyes, or a large hood over their head to mask their emotions. Comfortable clothes are often considered smart because you may be sitting in one spot for hours on end.

Many players also try to stand out and get noticed for sponsorships and endorsements. Building a recognizable poker personality can help out their careers. Aside from that, the game is also steeped in tradition and that’s why things like cowboy hats and big boots have had immense relevance in past years. Some players have been known to wear sports jerseys. Costumes on occasion have also been used to grab more attention. Then there are the players that dress ultra-suave which hints to poker’s lavish reputation.

Professional Sports 

Professional athletes live glamorous lives. When they are not competing or training, they spend their free time buying mansions and exotic sports cars. Naturally, some enjoy showing off. This often extends to their wardrobes where it often feels like they are competing for the most eye-catching fashion choices.

Football players like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are known for having a GQ style that is all about setting trends and looking as fashionable as possible. Basketball players in the NBA enjoy taking a different route, they can wear some elaborate outfits at times. James Harden has been caught in everything from a lime-green full suit to a cheetah-patterned suit jacket and shorts. Serge Ibaka is a fan of massive hats and even wore a kilt to Paris Fashion Week for some reason. This certainly is not a new trend either, as maybe 90s kids will remember the sensational outfits of Dennis Rodman. Whether it’s a personal taste or a cry for attention, athletes can certainly wear some crazy outfits.

Silicon Valley 

On the other end of the spectrum is the tech entrepreneurs that are trend setters amongst the Silicon Valley crowd. Some of these tech leaders are billionaires, others are mere multimillionaires. You might imagine that this crowd would also be interested in designer fashion and be in love with brands, but it seems this is often not the case.

The stereotypical outfit of the tech elite seems to be jeans, comfortable hoodies, and sensible shoes like tennis sneakers, moccasins, slippers, and especially crocs. This uniform has even been mocked by Keira Knightley on occasion. Even the late Steve Jobs was known for his trademark look of jeans and a black turtleneck. While techwear like apple watches are common, it seems overall this crowd prefers simple, comfortable clothing that allows them to skip the time spent choosing outfits.

Blue Collar Fashion

Blue collar tradesmen deserve a nod from the fashion industry as well. Not because their attire is somehow outrageous or attention grabbing, but because it has started a trend that has been adopted by many of the youth of today. Somehow, people seem to really identify with huge bulky Carhartt jackets and beanie caps, flannel shirts, and big workboots. Even jean jackets are making a comeback in some places. Why this trend has taken off is up for debate but it certainly isn’t slowing down. I’m sure if you surveyed brands like Duluth, Carhartt, Red Wing and others, they would say a large portion of their sales go to young people that aren’t involved with the trades whatsoever.

Thank you for reading.