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It’s no secret that the fashion industry is as competitive as they come. With the proliferation of companies trying to make their mark on the market, the chokehold of retail outlets like Nordstrom and Macy’s being able to make or break brands, and the sheer luck needed to find a hole in the world of existing products, one that customers want to be filled, and fill it effectively with quality-made, mass-produced products. And that’s putting aside the very real logistical challenges of starting your own business in any industry: having enough capital to get started, establishing a proof of concept, and being able to market your product effectively enough to get others (from investors to retail corporations) to believe in it.

But if you’re here, then chances are that you’re looking not only to start your own clothing brand, but to make it last: to make it a competitive force in the market that, instead of hitting the market, making a dent, and sizzling out, has longevity that others in your field will come to envy. This guide isn’t meant to predict trends in the market or tell you how to draft a business plan: instead, it’s meant to give you a list of the essentials you’ll need to make your brand last, to take it from concept to reality, and from small business to an enterprise that’ll line your pockets for years to come.

Here’s everything you’ll need to make sure your brand doesn’t fizzle out when it hits the market.

Quality Products

This probably goes without saying, but you need to have a concept in mind for a product that (A) fills a customer need, a hole in the market not already filled by big fashion brands, and (B) a product that’s of the kind of quality that will ensure, once customers purchase their first item from you, they’ll come back for more over and over again. If you’re aiming to start your own fashion brand, you’ve probably already got a good idea of what problems exist in the industry and how your brand might resolve them: you’ll want to make sure that on the production side, your product is airtight.

Before you send your design off to the manufacturers, you’ll want to have a material selected, as well as determine additional features that can add a luxurious sheen to your final product. Custom-made labels such as those on https://wunderlabel.com/ can give your product a great-looking and feeling finishing touch, with options such as custom-made leather labels imparting the impression of quality onto customers.

An Investor

When first starting out, testing the waters, and seeing if customers are willing to bite, starting small is ideal: platforms like Etsy are fantastic for establishing the proof of concept needed to grow your brand later, though they won’t give you the longevity you need to make sure you can earn a constant stream of income from your brand. As such, when you’ve been on Etsy a while, and you feel you’ve got the numbers, you’ll want to seek out an investor who can provide you the capital you need to scale your business up.

In looking for an investor, you’ll need to look for one that shares your vision for the company, one that will support your efforts going forward, and one who has connections that may give you a much-needed shortcut to get to your final goal. If needed, you can also give an investor enough equity to become an equal partner to take advantage of their connections.

A Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve got a solid business plan and a product that you’ve proven in concept, you’ll need to spread the word far and wide about your fledgling brand. Targeted marketing attempts, like reaching out to bloggers on sites where your audience is likely to be exposed to your brand, are one great way to accomplish this. Though you should also not be afraid of engaging in a cross-platform digital marketing strategy: brands like TrueClassic, for example, advertise to their audience on YouTube, TikTok, and every other social media platform imaginable, and they’ve seen a positive response to their efforts.

Even following these tips, you’ll need to spend a lot of time, effort and capital making your dream a reality. But fear not: with good sense, the proper partner, and a product that can’t be beaten, you’ll soon see yourself where you want to be.

Thank you for reading.


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