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Most people will cook for themselves daily, but it doesn’t necessarily make them a good cook. In fact, it’s a trickier skill than it seems. You have to be able to select the perfect ingredients, have the technical skills to prepare a meal, understand the properties of your kitchenware and you need to have an inventory of quality recipes. Below, we explore the traits needed to become a good cook.


Detail-orientated people are often likelier to be better cooks. When you’re following a recipe, it’s important that you’re able to closely follow any minor instructions. If you have a habit of skimming through and working it out yourself, the results might not be as good.


Part of cooking is adding your own style to a recipe. This doesn’t mean you have to change it entirely, but rather you make slight tweaks to tailor it to your tastes. Part of this is achieved by using plenty of spices and your instincts to add a twist to a meal. Indeed, a survey from kitchenware company Circulon found that “22 per cent of good cooks don’t weigh ingredients as they confidently add just the right concoction from instinct and will own a fully stocked spice rack.”


Even the best cooks make mistakes in the kitchen. This isn’t a reason to give up hope or to stop cooking, though. Instead, if you have resilience, you should be able to use your mistakes as a learning curve. For instance, if you undercook some fish, you should be confident that the experience will give you the knowledge to prepare the fish better in the future.


Cooking can be stressful – especially if you’re cooking for others too. While it’s normal to feel stressed, the best cooks are those who thrive under the pressure. If you’re feeling stressed while cooking, it’s best to take deep breaths and focus your mind so that you can move on and efficiently cook your meal.

Commitment to quality

When you’re cooking food, it’s important to be obsessed with quality. This stretches from the ingredients you select, to the kitchenware you use. Indeed, Circulon found that owning high-quality kitchenware was one of the top 50 traits associated with good cooks. Central to this is having a quality set of knives to allow you to efficiently and precisely prepare ingredients.

Cooking is a tough skill to master, but the benefits are worth it. You’ll be able to cook tastier and healthier meals by developing as a cook. And by following the advice above, you should be all set to become a better cook over time.

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