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*This is a sponsored post*

As most of you will know, we bought a new house back in February and it needs a lot of renovation work. It’s a 1930’s house that had been neglected in recent years so we certainly have our work cut out with it. But despite this we totally fell in love with the house and know that it will be beautiful when it’s finished. I thought I would write a post detailing what we plan to do with the house over the coming months and years.

We have already managed to treat the damp and have had the house completely rewired, which were both big hurdles. So here’s what’s next on the list…

1. New bathroom

A new bathroom was right up at the top of our list as the house came with a wet room which didn’t function for us as a family. We were lucky to be able to find someone to fit the new bathroom relatively quickly and I’m pleased to say that’s it’s now very nearly finished! We just need to paint and add skirting board etc and then I’ll be able to share it with you all.

2. Plastering and decorating

Plastering in the house is well under way now. I’d say we’re about half way through and it’s already looking so much better. We have got lucky with some of the walls being in pretty good condition so we’re not having to replaster absolutely everything. As soon as the plaster has dried we’ll be able to get on with painting which is SO exciting. It feels like we’ve waited ages to get to the fun part!

3. New windows

We will definitely need new windows in the house, especially in the children’s bedrooms as those ones are really old wooden framed windows. They are very drafty and will not be good during the winter months. Ideally we want to get those replaced before next winter, budget depending.

4. Kitchen dining room renovation

This is the big one – the kitchen and dining room work. This is where the vast majority of our money is going, it’s turned out to be a much bigger and more expensive job than we had originally thought. I will write a more detailed post about our plans soon but essentially we are knocking down two walls, adding bi fold doors, new kitchen and a downstairs toilet. We are lucky that the house has an existing extension, we just need to raise the roof a little higher to be able to have full height doors. I love glass roofs, so I’m hoping to add one here to bring some more light into the space.

5. New roof

We knew that the roof was old and would need replacing at some point but due to a small leak that we noticed today, this job may have to be done sooner than we had anticipated. I am hoping that we can do some repair work to it for now and revisit a complete new roof in the next couple of years.

6. Driveway

I am so excited to have a new driveway installed, I feel it will completely transform the front of the house. I have heard that driveways can be very expensive though and as it’s not essential we will have to prioritise other works ahead of this. I think that when the driveway does eventually get done, we will know we’re very nearly at the end of our renovations.

7. Extension

We would love to add a small two storey extension to the house at some point in the future. As our current bathroom is very small we want to be able to add an en suite to the master bedroom. This is just an idea at this stage though, it all depends on finances.

Make sure to keep checking back to see where we’re up to with our renovations, or follow me over on Instagram for regular updates.

Thank you for reading.


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