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learned month no booze

Back in March me and my husband decided to give up alcohol for a whole month. Although we weren’t heavy drinkers, we had started drinking more and more often and we felt that we had become quite reliant on it. We wanted to see if we could give it up if we wanted to. You can read more about how we got on here.

Here’s what I learnt from a month off the booze…

I didn’t rely on alcohol as much as I thought

I thought that I needed alcohol to unwind and to have a good time, so I expected giving it up for a month would be incredibly hard. The first week was tough, that’s for sure. But after that it was actually much easier than I thought it was going to be. There were times when I really didn’t miss it at all and it was great to be able to prove to myself that I’m not reliant on it after all.

It’s OK to enjoy a drink

Despite giving up the booze being easier than I expected it to be, I still wanted a drink as soon as the month was over. I feel like we are made to feel guilty about drinking alcohol and that we shouldn’t be doing it at all but really, in moderation it’s absolutely OK to enjoy a drink. I may not be completely reliant on it, but it’s still something that I enjoy. I certainly won’t be going teetotal anytime soon!

People are very curious

One thing that I didn’t expect was the amount of people that had questions about us giving up alcohol. Why are you doing it? Are you finding it difficult? Do you think you’ll drink again when the month is over? I really hadn’t realised that people would be so interested in my drinking habits! I think it mainly comes down to the fact that most of us worry that we are drinking too much and want to know just how difficult it is to give it up.

I don’t enjoy being drunk

Before I started this challenge I always thought that I liked being drunk. But after having a break from alcohol it turns out, I don’t. When the month was over and I went back to drinking I realised that I like having a couple of drinks and feeling relaxed and tipsy, but not drunk drunk. I actually hate feeling out of control in that way and this just confirms to me that my relationship with alcohol is not an unhealthy one at all.

I didn’t feel any healthier

I fully expected to feel absolutely amazing when I gave up the alcohol. I thought I would have more energy, my skin would improve and I also hoped that I might lose some weight. I didn’t experience any of these things and that was really disappointing. Maybe there were benefits going on inside my body, I just couldn’t see them. Or maybe this again just confirms that I was never drinking to excess in the first place.

Have you ever given up alcohol? What did you learn from the experience?

Thank you for reading.