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All of us love postcards more than simple mail because they have something special and are just wonderful to look at with their beautiful and colorful view. Considering how much people love its visuals, it must be well designed and aesthetic. We have shortlisted a few methods you can use to design your postcard online. Other than for vacations, they are being increasingly used by businesses in general or to sell their products.

Stylish online postcard maker

Naturally, the first step should be to choose an online website that lets you make postcards. The priority should be to choose a website that is simple to use and has a huge array of variety. You can find many postcard templates online on PosterMyWall and the best thing we noticed was the diversity in variety and options they have which means you can easily find a design to your liking and it’s quite simple to use for everyone!

Have aesthetic imagery

The main reason people use and love postcards is the beautiful and eye-catching imagery on them. As humans, it’s our nature to be attracted and fascinated by images which makes this the top priority while designing.

If you are making a simple postcard with a picture of the scenery, make sure to take a sharp and high-resolution image for crisp results.

If you are making a postcard for your company or products, get a photographer to take high-quality and well-defined images as this will be the main feature of your postcard.

Background color

It’s important to use neutral colors to give your postcard a warm and pleasant look so that it contrasts well with the image and text used. It sets the base for your postcard. In addition to that, use your brand colors as well so that your business is adequately represented!

Keep the text short and simple

Postcards look best when they are kept simple and are not filled to the brim with text. You should get your message across in the fewest words possible. Also, pay attention to the font size, style, and color. Choose a font color that is easy to read on top of the image and background color and contrasts well with the other colors present on the postcard.

The last thing to keep in mind is to make sure there is enough empty white space in the postcard as well so that it looks spacious and open and doesn’t feel crowded or overly filled with text as that just leaves a bad impression on the viewer.

Have clear branding

People who view your postcard should be able to recognize your business as soon as they see it. Leave a small logo along with your contact number, email, or your website on the back in case people want to look you up or contact you so that they can gather more information about you. Having a logo will also increase your awareness amongst people.


Considering the number of things on a small postcard, having a well-designed and well-placed layout is extremely important. Almost all postcards have images, texts, and branding so it is the layout that defines the postcard and the layout defines if the postcard looks elegant, simple, and well designed or if it looks extremely congested.

The next thing to consider is the size of the postcard you want to keep. It could be the standard 4” x 6” size or you could keep a bigger size such as 6″ x 8″ or 6″ x 11″ to stand out from the rest. If you choose the latter option, keep in mind that a larger postcard will cost more as well, but the difference will be negligible if you order in bulk.

Print quality matters

A memorable postcard is one where the person enjoys holding and looking at it. This means you can’t compromise on quality just to save a few bucks. Instead, choose the best possible print for your postcard to give it a premium feel and look so that it stands out from the rest. Gloss cover prints or prints with matte finish are quite popular these days and they give a unique and premium look so these are two possible options you can consider for your postcard.

In conclusion, the main thing is to have a simple yet stylish postcard that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. Also, don’t forget to review the final design at least once before you approve it for printing to look for any errors or possible improvements. Finally, taking a second opinion from someone else will also not harm a different pair of eyes, can provide you with a different viewpoint and perspective, and could give you a better idea regarding what the people will think of the postcard.

Thank you for reading.

Written by: Raahim Jamshed


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