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Wow, what a photo to start this post with. But that’s the reality of the task we’ve taken on! We’re already quite a way into the kitchen/dining room renovation so it’s strange to look back at these pictures. It’s honestly like a different house already.

If you’ve read my previous renovation posts you’ll know that we had difficultly finding a builder to take on this job. I’m not sure why but nobody ever got back to us with quotes. When we did finally find someone, they couldn’t do the work until September. But we were willing to wait as we didn’t have much choice.

Then unexpectedly the building part of the work got brought forward to April and we were left living on a building site. We didn’t want to wait months for the other trades to come and do their part of the work so we decided to go with someone else. I’d say we’re halfway through the project now, it’s really starting to take shape. I’m hoping to be finished by the end of July, but we’ll see…

Here’s a floor plan so you can understand the original layout and what we have changed. So the conservatory has gone. It was old, leaky and blocking so much light in what was already a dark room. It had to go. We then knocked out the wall between the kitchen and dining room, and the walls for the back porch. We’ve essentially created one big square space. We’ve taken the end of the kitchen off for a downstairs toilet, which will be accessed from the hallway.

There was an existing extension on the property which isn’t massive but it actually makes a big difference to the space. Without it I think it would feel quite cramped. Unfortunately though the roof on the existing extension was really low and we wouldn’t have been able to fit bi fold doors. So we had to raise the roof. When we did this we also added three velux windows to the extension roof to try and bring in as much light as possible.

Below is a moodboard of our ideas for the room….

We’re going with a dove grey shaker style kitchen from DIY Kitchens. I do love darker kitchen units but as I mentioned earlier, our kitchen is quite dark already so we need to try and keep it as light and bright as possible. We’re making a saving on the kitchen so we are splashing out on quartz worktops. I say splashing out but to be honest they are a very reasonable price from DIY Kitchens so I can’t complain.

Our handles and tap will be gold and there will be some dark grey accents with the doors, window and radiators. I’m so excited to see my ideas come to life. Hopefully another few weeks and we will be done!

I will of course write a post with photos when it’s all finished.

Thank you for reading.


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