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*This is a guest article*

When your blogging career is going from strength to strength, your messy desk and chaotic work schedule will be less of a personality quirk and more of a hindrance to your success. Whether you’re trying to figure out your latest blog post, you’re conducting research into your chosen niche, liaising with other bloggers, reaching out to third parties, or trying to work on your SEO tactics, you’re going to need more than a vague idea of how to plan your day.

You not only need a strict working timetable but also the ability to manage and juggle all the hidden responsibilities that come with running a successful online blog. To help you embrace a new level of order, check out these simple tips that will help keep your blossoming blogging career organised.

Get to grips with your finances

One of the biggest challenges facing bloggers is the task of handling their business finances. This type of responsibility can leave many bloggers running for the hills – or even worse – sticking their heads in the sand. Worryingly, failing to manage your finances now will only undermine your progress further down the line. Leaving you with unpaid invoices, confusing tax returns and deadlines that have come and gone.

Bringing accounting software onboard to help with the daily running of your blog will make your life so much easier. You can use a simple invoicing tool to keep your invoices professional and accurate whilst updating your accounts as you go. This frees up more time for you to create high-quality content as you make progress with your blogging career.

An online filing system

Whether you choose to keep your documents and files on your desktop or you use cloud-based services, creating and following an online filing system will ensure high-quality content, consistent branding and faster publishing. This successfully streamlines your entire process. Consider files for each blog post, with individual folders for the ideas, the content, stock pics, featured images and other resources.

Work on your checklist

Many successful bloggers stick to a pre-post checklist that ensures every blog is error-free and of the high quality your followers have come to expect. Your checklist could include proofreading, then choosing the right images, working on your SEO, sharing your new post across all social media platforms etc. Ensuring that you follow a checklist before you hit publish will help you stay focused and organised, without missing crucial steps.

And finally, spend time on your inbox

There’s nothing more disheartening or overwhelming than the sight of hundreds or even thousands of unopened emails in your inbox. It’s tempting just to skim them and delete as many as you can, however, this is when opportunities get missed, such as collabs and third-party partnerships, as well as engagement from your followers or important meetings and other documents.

Set some time aside each day to work through and prioritise your inbox. Setting up a colour coded labels and unsubscribing from all those unwanted email and marketing lists will help you stay more organised as a blogger.

Thank you for reading.


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