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*This is a sponsored article with Aura Print, however all opinions on the products mentioned are my own*

December is here already and Christmas is just around the corner – that snuck up on us didn’t it? So it’s time to start getting prepared for the festivities. I for one have lots of gifts yet to buy, and presents to wrap. But at least I have my Christmas cards sorted, all thanks to Aura Print.

Aura Print is a UK based printer who supply a vast range of products including greetings cards, personalised Christmas tags, banners, business cards, wedding stationary, flyers and more! Although based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, they also ship to the USA and parts of Europe. Their range of products is one of the largest in the UK & USA. Aura Print pride themselves on offering excellent service and are always looking to invest in new machinery and expand their product range.

“Since our beginnings in 2007, Aura Print has proven itself time and time again to go above and beyond what our customers expect. From director Liam Smith printing as a one-man operation now to a dedicated team of nearly twenty experienced print professionals, all with their specialties such as foil printing, wide format print or precision trimming. The main goal has always been to provide high quality print, that doesn’t break the bank, with expert service to top it all off, and we still think this rings true today and from our customer feedback, so do they.”

Aura Print really is the best place to print greeting cards as they allow you to custom design your own products, which I really like. Especially when it comes to greetings cards, as it adds a special personalised touch. When choosing and sending my Christmas cards, I tend to follow these five simple rules…

  1. Make a list of names in advance, so that I can order the correct amount of cards.
  2. Purchase Christmas cards around 6 weeks before the big day. This allows me plenty of time to write them out and post them.
  3. Choose a style that will suit many different people. You don’t want to have to buy different card designs for younger family members and older family members, go with something simple and universal.
  4. Add a personal message. This can be easily done when using a custom printer like Aura Print for personalised Christmas cards.
  5. Keep spare Christmas cards, just in case someone sends you one that you hadn’t allowed for. I find that this can happen a lot, so it’s always best to be prepared.

I opted for this beautiful Christmas scene design, printed on a zig zag folded card. I like this style as it’s a little bit different to cards you would usually see. The design process is very simple. You start by choosing your product type, then basic options such as the orientation, fold style, paper type, size and even the thickness of the paper.

Next you can decide to either email over your exact design to Aura Print, or alternatively you can give them a brief and they will come up with a unique design just for you. How cool is that? And if you ever feel overwhelmed by the different options or are unsure about your design, hop over to Aura Prints social media pages for some inspiration or just to have a chat with them. They are always there to offer help and advice – their google reviews speak for themselves.

Delivery of my cards was really quick and they arrived with a 24 hour courier service, so there’s no worrying that your products won’t arrive in time! I am really pleased with my cards, the quality is amazing and I adore my design. Now just to write in them and get them posted out!

And if it’s business cards you are looking for, but aren’t sure which ones to go for. You can order a sample pack from the website for just £1.95. The sample pack includes 13 different card types of various thickness and paper quality. This allows you to find the right business card that will represent you and your business as it should be. Ordering online is great for saving time but sometimes you just need to be able to see a product in real life, don’t you agree?

Have you purchased from Aura Print before? What did you think to their products? Let me know!

Thank you for reading, and Merry Christmas!

*This is a sponsored post with Aura Print, however as always all opinions stated are my own*

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