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*This is a guest article*

Are you exhausted from having bad dates and just want to settle in a healthy, long-term relationship?

Almost everyone fantasizes about a happily ever after with someone sweet and loving. But in real life, you won’t just find a handsome man in the middle of the forest or be kissed by a prince charming in the middle of your deep sleep. And unfortunately, so many women end up crying or not finding the love life they seek despite making efforts.

The dating world can be harsh to anyone. No matter how long you have been into it, you can still end up failing, getting hurt, and trying again. But luckily, you can level up your dating game with this advice from the dating coach, Evan Marc Katz.

So, keep reading and learn Evan’s dating advice for women.

1. Don’t be an online-only girlfriend

This first tip is one of the most important online dating tips that every woman should consider. If you find an interesting guy on a dating site or app, having sweet chats might be exciting. However, no serious relationship stays online. And if you agree to just having an online dating experience, you might as well find yourself getting dumped through an email or a chat. So, don’t hesitate about asking to meet up and only invest in a guy who’s planning to have a real-life relationship with you.

2. Never bring too much about exes on your first few dates

Past baggage is one of the biggest things that ruin a conversation. It spoils the fun and makes people lose the chance of meeting a life-long partner. If you are truly ready to settle in a long-lasting relationship, you should leave your exes where they belong and never let them destroy your present and future with a better man.

3. Don’t Commit Too Early

Commitment is crucial to establishing a strong relationship. When you genuinely want to be with a person, you have to be willing to give time and effort to make him feel loved. However, you should only invest in someone worth it. In other words, a man who’s willing to do the same and who sees you as his life partner. Thus, take your time and learn more about the man you’re dating before giving your all to him. Otherwise, your relationship will only be a one-sided love.

4. Cut him off if he doesn’t give you time

It’s okay to take the first moves, even as a woman. You don’t always have to wait to be asked by a man for some things. However, the case is different if you do it all the time. When you are the one always initiating actual dates, always texts, or always finding ways to strengthen your relationship, you have to cut him off. Remember, if a man is really into you, you don’t have to beg for his time, attention, and efforts. He’ll give them to you, even if you don’t ask him to. That man will do everything to keep you in his life and make you feel the love you deserve.

5. Be careful of overly possessive and insecure men

Jealousy and protection from the man you’re with might sound cute and sweet. But not when it’s too much to the point that your relationship is becoming toxic. He controls who you talk to, what you wear, or what you do, and more, making it so suffocating. Worse, you might even end up in a dangerous situation and experience abuse. So, even if you want to finally settle with one man, be sure that it will be someone who will treat you right, not make the rest of your life a nightmare.

6. Don’t commit to a man who doesn’t make your relationship exclusive

If the man you’re with still keeps using dating sites or seeing other girls besides you, don’t settle for him. You’re not looking for a past-time, short-term partner. You need someone who is ready to commit to one woman. You don’t want to end up being cheated on. So until he stops seeing other girls and makes you official, don’t give all your attention to him alone. If he’s serious about you, you don’t even have to ask whether you’re exclusive or not. The man will find ways to ensure that he won’t lose his special someone.


Dating is one of the most critical stages in relationships. It allows couples to develop strong feelings and get to know each other deeper before marriage. Since you are looking for someone who will stay by your side until you grow old, it is essential to make extensive efforts to have successful dates with your potential partner. In addition, be wise about the decisions you make and don’t accept a man who doesn’t recognize your worth.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Isa A
    December 7, 2021 / 3:53 pm

    I loved the article. Meeting in real life is so important than the online thing. Not bringing up baggage is necessary. And the last point is something that seems common lately due to smartphones and apps. But a good check up on all. Thanks for the thoughts. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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