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driving test

*This is a guest article*

Whether your child learns to drive in their adult years or their teenager years, this crucial test is often a rite of passage for many of us. Your son or daughter is never too old to deserve a celebration for making an important next step in their life. However, it’s not always easy to figure out what to do when it’s time to celebrate something like this.

If your child has recently passed their driving test and you want to do something to mark the occasion, don’t worry. We’ve got some great ideas to help inspire you.

1. Take a Road Trip

Don’t jump into this idea too quickly without checking to see how far your child is comfortable driving yet. Some new drivers prefer to stick to the roads that they know best for a while first. If that’s the case, then you can always go for a small road trip around an area where they feel confident. On the other hand, if your son or daughter is keen to go further afield, you could plan a trip somewhere more exotic. Crank up the tunes and try to avoid commenting on their driving methods! Once the road trip is over, go back home to celebrate the experience, and share some memories.

2. Give a useful gift

Any kind of gift is a great way to show your child that you’re thrilled about their accomplishment. UKGifts.co.uk has some great options for this sort of thing however, it might be particularly useful to give them something that they can use with their new skill. For instance, you could pay for the first couple of months of insurance for their car or help them out with things like a new phone stand so that they can keep an eye on their GPS when they’re driving. Even something simple like a set of seat covers or mats for the floors of their cars can make a huge impact. Don’t forget things like cleaning equipment and wiper fluid too!

3. Throw a party

It’s always a good idea to throw a party when a loved one accomplishes something great. If your son or daughter loves any opportunity to celebrate, this is your chance to get creative with a car themed bash. You could bake cakes that look like little wheels, or cookies that look like “P” plates. You can also invite friends and family over to join in on the celebration. If anyone wants to bring presents, it might be a good idea to advise them to contribute money towards the new car. If your child isn’t much of a party animal, then they might prefer to go out for a meal instead.

4. Help them Relax

Prepping for a driver’s test can be pretty stressful. For most of us, it feels like being back at school. If your child has been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with the pressure, now could be the perfect time to treat them to a relaxing break. Pay for the two of you to go to a spa and get a nice massage or a set of manicures and pedicures. This could be a great way to spend some quality time together and celebrate the fact that your son or daughter has reached another milestone in their life. You could even ask your child to drive you to and from the spa.

5. Contribute to the New Car Costs

This might not be an option for everyone, but if you have a little cash to put towards your child’s new car, that’s an excellent way to celebrate their achievement, and show them how much you’re proud of what they’ve accomplished. Even a small amount of cash can make the biggest difference, particularly if your child is just looking for a cheaper initial car that they can get second-hand until they’ve had time to build a bit more cash towards a down payment on their dream vehicle. You could even help out with car shopping and go to test drive the new car with your kid.

6. Get Some Photos Framed

Finally, give your son or daughter the perfect way to remember this important accomplishment in their life by snapping some photos with them and their new certificate. You could even have them standing in front of their new car with their P plates if they’ve already purchased their own vehicle. Once you’ve snapped the perfect shot, send it off to be framed or turned into a canvas that your child can keep forever.

Thank you for reading.