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*This is a guest article*

We all start the new year with the best intentions. Whether it’s cutting back on alcohol, eating better or pushing ourselves more, there’s nothing more inspiring than a clean slate. However, just a few weeks in, it’s likely that we’ll find ourselves slipping. And statistics show that if your resolution is to get yourself fit and to work on your health, then you’re even more likely to fail.

Of course, restrictions on gym openings and more time spent indoors means that getting fit and maintaining levels of fitness is harder than ever. But if you’re truly dedicated to improving your health, you need to remain focused on your goal and check out these 5 simple ways to make 2021 the year you (finally) get fit.

Create a home gym (and use it)

A good, home gym should inspire you to get up and get moving. Thankfully, even those who have limited space can still create a dedicated area for fitness and invest in gym equipment that takes up minimal space and is easy to store. Consider stocking your home gym with kettlebells from blkboxfitness.com. Other equipment such as resistance bands, a cushioning mat, medicine balls, even dumbbells and a jump rope are ideal for creating a range of workouts that provide cardio, resistance and strength training. So, whether you’re targeting fat or building muscle, you’ll have everything you need to boost your fitness levels right at home.

Drink more water

Yes, it’s a cliché and a classic example of a New Year’s resolution that is quickly forgotten. However, if you’re dedicating this year and beyond to fitness, then you’re going to need to drink up. Keeping yourself hydrated whilst exercising and flushing out all those toxins will help keep you feeling energised and focused. Dehydration can also make the muscle recovery process incredibly painful and uncomfortable. You can reduce the impact of DOMs by keeping yourself hydrated and keeping your muscles happy!

Consider HIIT workouts

Stop convincing yourself you don’t have the time to exercise! With HIIT workouts, you can burn more calories in a shorter time and with minimal equipment (depending on how far you want to push yourself). For example, jumping rope at a high intensity for 20 seconds and then resting for another 20 seconds, running in place for 20 seconds, resting for another 20 and so on. HIIT is fun, intense and fully adaptable to your need and abilities.

Set realistic fitness goals

When it comes to fitness, small realistic goals are a better option. Consider aiming for measurable goals rather than ones associated with unrealistic time pressures and ones that are beyond the numbers you see on the scales. From lifting a certain weight to completing an exercise without feeling out of breath, include a date you’d like to complete this by and focus on it. You’ll find that these specific, realistic fitness goals are much easier to manage.

Grab a partner

Sometimes fitness goals are much easier to attain when you have a partner to work with. You can hold each other accountable for your progress and work together (restrictions permitting) on a stronger, healthier outlook.

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