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Sitting out in the garden might be at the bottom of the priority list during winter, but with spring quickly approaching, now is a great time to start updating and rejuvenating your lawn, decking, or even balcony.

Looking forward to the summer weather, and want to prepare your outdoor space in order to make the most of the sun? Check out this short guide, going over some of the most popular UK garden trends in 2022 that might inspire your next home DIY project.

Switching to Artificial Grass

A modern, forward-thinking alternative to traditional garden lawns, artificial grass provides an affordable, low-maintenance way to achieve the dream, ‘freshly-cut’ lawn look as easily as possible. Not only does artificial grass remove the need for mowing the lawn regularly, saving you plenty of time and effort, but the resilient materials on ranges from leading suppliers such as Grass Warehouse keep their colour in the long-term.

Sick of cleaning up after pets and children dragging in mud as they run around in and out of the garden? Artificial grass also removes this issue, making it perfect for play year-round. Providing you select a pet-friendly range, artificial grass is also ideal for your furry friend, as they remove the need to use pesticides and harmful chemicals when looking after the garden.

Living in an apartment or flat without any outdoor space? Artificial grass can even help to add a touch of colour and life to a balcony, helping you to make the most of the outdoors when the sun finally decides to show its face later this year.

Building Your Own Allotment

While it can require some time and dedication initially to transform your garden into a space that can accommodate fruits and vegetables, growing your own produce can be a rewarding and conscious decision to make in 2022. With environmental concerns a pressing issue, setting up your own planters can help you to become more self-sustaining, with a hobby that could make home cook meals taste that bit better, and perhaps even save you some money on grocery expenses.

Unsure of where to start with home-growing fruit and veg? Perhaps do some research on the easier crops to grow at first, such as lettuce for use in salads, peas, and potatoes. You might also want to build the space in a corner of your garden that is well-lit and receives the adequate amounts of sunshine, to ensure optimal conditions.

Automating Your Garden

Again, if you’re someone that doesn’t necessarily have the time to regularly maintain and keep your garden space, you might want to look at ways to automate elements of the space and make your life as easy and streamlined as possible.

Automatic sprinkler and irrigation systems, for instance, can help to keep lawns, plants, and produce properly watered, while smart lighting solutions that turn on and off automatically can keep your space well-lit and welcoming when entertaining guests for evening summer parties.

Which garden upgrades are you planning to implement in your outdoor space? Join in the discussion below.

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