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You don’t need to be an affluent or royal figure to dazzle people with jewellery anymore, as we consumers have hundreds of options available that are not worth a fortune, and gemstone jewellery is at the forefront of them. Certainly, some gemstones like diamonds make for expensive jewellery, but they should not cause the hundreds of other types to be overlooked, especially at a time when people are looking for new and innovative accessories. How about gemstone earrings? Or a gemstone collar necklace? There is a lot going on in the gemstone jewellery market in 2020, and we will examine some of the leading trends.

  1.       Colour beating tradition

What is the most traditional gemstone you can think of? If you thought diamond, you would be among countless others who have come to think of it as a classic. With diamonds remaining the stone of choice for engagement rings, earrings, and much more, they will surely stay in trend for a long time to come. Still, in recent times, they are sometimes being overtaken by more colourful stones, like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, which do not have the same level of sparkle as a typical diamond, but are eye-catching and pleasing in other ways. For example, the colours of these stones can go very well with a colourful dress.

  1.       Blue is not always sad

Over the past few years, blue gemstones have been steadily increasing in popularity, with turquoise and opal being particular favorites. Blue opal is also known as Peruvian opal (from the country where it is found), and tends to have a light-blue hue with tiny light spots. When the opal is a dark blue colour, the stone looks like a starry sky. Turquoise tends to have an even lighter hue, and dark patches and segments resembling cracks.

  1.       Unusual cuts

People have been wearing gemstone jewellery with very standard cuts for centuries. While a clean cut is considered a form of high craftsmanship, some people are looking for more variety. This variety in cuts is more prevalent today than it has ever been before, so consumers are gaining access to strange and unusual designs, like elongated stone, non-geometric shapes, and even uncut stones in jewellery in some cases.


  1.       Protective cages

A beautiful piece of gemstone bulging out of its metal casing is certainly something to flaunt and showcase at proper opportunities, but it is not well-protected against impact and other damage. This leaves many jewellery enthusiasts concerned about the proper treatment of the items, and is why we are seeing more and more gemstones encased in gold/silver cages and other protective structures today.

  1.       Gorgeous variation

For those of us that prefer a natural look to gemstones, the crystal clear appearance of diamonds and precious stones can seem quite boring, whereas stones with chaotic coloring are refreshing and interesting. As an example, we can take fire agate, which looks like it contains dozens of glass bubbles of different sizes and colors. Or we can examine unakite, which looks like green moss covering a fragment of red brick. These imaginative and non-traditional choices are sure to be a big hit this year.

Thank you for reading.

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