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pet addition family

*This is a guest article*

Whether it be a dog, hamster or even a snake, adding a pet to your family unit is almost always a great decision. Pets bring love and joy to a household without even trying. Having a dog greet you when you get home from work each night or having cuddles in front of the television with your cat can be a wonderful experience. Here are a few reasons as to why a pet makes a wonderful addition to any family.

Fresh air and exercise

If you have a dog then you will know that taking it for regular walks is necessary. Most dogs love being outdoors and running around. Whether it fetching a ball or jumping around at the beach, a dog is a great way to get the family out in fresh air and getting regular exercise. Many local parks have a play area for children as well as an area for dogs to run around in so you can easily combine the two. It’s a great way to meet other dog owners too. There can be a real sense of community amongst dog owners which makes for a great experience.

Teaches children to manage responsibility

Owning a pet can teach a child a great level of responsibility. Older children can even get involved very early on. If, for example, you are buying a hedgehog, have them research what size of cage would be best. If you decide that a cat is your pet of choice, ask them to find out how often it needs fed and what snacks they love. Agree who will do what and how regularly. Whether it be feeding, cleaning out cages or grooming, children of all ages can get involved. It will not only teach children about pets but will give them a good sense of responsibility.

They bring love and fun

Regardless of the type of pet you have, they bring a lot of love and fun to a household. Dogs and cats are extremely affectionate animals. No matter how bad a day you have had, hearing the familiar bark of your dog when you come home at night is sure to make you feel better. Having your cat purr in your lap when being stroked can bring a sense of great peace and calm. Owners of reptiles, spiders or snakes will tell you how much they love their pets too. Granted, these pets aren’t as capable of showing emotion as some of the previously mentioned might be, but they have a bond with their owners that cannot be replicated.

They help our mood

Pets have been known to positively heighten our general mood. People suffering from stress or anxiety, for example, have said that having a pet makes them feel more secure and positive. The human-animal bond is a truly magical thing. Many people say that a family doesn’t feel truly complete until they get a pet – they could well be right.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored article*