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2020 bucket list

I love making lists and plans, so nothing pleases me more than a brand new bucket list for the year ahead. This year is definitely going to be quieter than previous ones with less holidays, days out and spending in general, as you will see later on in this post. But nevertheless, we have plenty planned and hope this year will be just as much fun as last year.

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1. Save money

The main goal for this year is to save money and finish paying off some debts. This was one of last years goals too, but that didn’t really go to plan! If you’re wondering what we are saving money for, let me move on to my next point…

2. Buy a house

So the dream for this year is to finally get ourselves on the property ladder and buy our first home. We’ve been renting the house we currently live in for nine years now and it’s most definitely time for a space of our own. We would like something with a bigger garden, maybe a bigger bedroom for Evie and a driveway and garage would be amazing! We’re being realistic with our expectations though and know that whatever we do buy will need lots of TLC, but we are looking forward to the challenge.

3. Butlins

Butlins was on last years bucket list but we didn’t manage to do it, so we’ve made sure it happens this year and have already booked a few days at Skegness in the Easter holidays. We love Butlins and cannot wait to get back there. This will probably be our only holiday this year, apart from the possible odd night or weekend away, so we want to make sure it’s one to remember.

4. Visit more cities

This one is something that you’ll probably see on every one of our bucket lists. We have a UK cities checklist and are slowly making our way through it. Last year was a little bit of a fail as we only managed one city I think! I definitely want to do better than that this year and hope to visit at least four new cities. Top of my list would be Bath and Lincoln.

5. Tramlines festival

We went to Tramlines Festival here in Sheffield last summer and absolutely loved it. We took the kids with us and it ended up being so much fun, so we plan to go back again this year. We already have our tickets, so all being well we’ll be living our best festival lives the last weekend of July.

6. Live a healthier lifestyle

You’re probably rolling your eyes at this one and trust me, I am too. It’s such a cliche January thing to say isn’t it? But I’m not talking about crash diets or joining a gym (well, maybe…), I just want to be fitter and healthier. My diet isn’t the best, I eat far too many takeaways and biscuits, so I want to try and be a little more conscious about the food I’m putting into my body. In terms of exercise, I’m starting to walk more again and want to stick to that all year. I’m also planning to do couch to 5k.

I would like us to cut down on our meat consumption as a family too. There are a few reasons for this and I’m not about to become vegan or anything, but I would definitely like to cut down on meat.

7. Work hard on my blog and Instagram

These past few months I’ve found blogging and Instagram in particular quite challenging. It can feel like a constant battle with algorithms and honestly it’s made me lose my love for it a bit. I really want to get back to doing what I love and set myself some goals.

8. Create videos

This is another one that I mentioned last year but didn’t do. I used to do YouTube but made the decision to stop a couple of years ago. Although I don’t think I want to go back to uploading videos every single week, I really would like to start creating videos of our holidays, the kids birthdays, days out etc. They are so special to look back on and I know I will kick myself when the kids are older if I don’t do it.

9. Get tattoos

Me and my husband have been talking about getting matching tattoos for a while now and have finally decided to go for it. We haven’t completely decided on a design just yet but have a few ideas. Hopefully we will get them done in the next couple of months.

10. Weekend away

Me and James try to make an effort to plan a weekend away, just the two of us at least once a year. I think it’s important in any relationship to spend quality time together and especially when you have young kids. We already have a night away for our anniversary planned which I am super excited for. And we’re also looking at the possibility of another night/weekend away at a later date.

What are your plans for 2020?

Thank you for reading.