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Days Out | Autumn at Clumber Park and Pumpkin Trail


Last week we headed out for an autumnal wander around Clumber Park and we also did their pumpkin trail while we were there. This was the second time that we’ve done the pumpkin trail, it’s great fun for the kids.

We love Clumber Park and have been able to go more often since we got our National Trust membership. Entry is usually £7 per vehicle and then entry to the Walled Kitchen Garden (which is where the pumpkin trail is held) is £5.00 each (free for under 16’s) but all of this was free with our membership, so it is well worth it!

The pumpkin trail is currently on every day (10am – 4pm) until the 30th October. Max and Evie loved exploring the beautiful Walled Kitchen Garden in search of the hidden pumpkins.

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After the pumpkin trail we headed over to the adventure playground, the kids absolutely love it in there! It took a little while to bribe them out of the playground but once we’d managed that we went for a walk around the grounds. We found there were lots of pumpkin displays dotted about which were lovely, and great for snap happy mum like me 😉

img_3126 img_3135 img_3142 img_3207 img_3212 img_3117 img_3114 img_3111 img_3113 img_3101 img_3103 img_3107

Unfortunately our day didn’t end quite how we wanted it to with a trip to a&e! As we were walking back to the car Evie fell backwards and cut her head, which bled a lot. The first aiders at Clumber Park were great and helped to clean it up so we could get a better look at the wound. Max did something similar when he was a toddler and needed it gluing so I knew we were best to take her to hospital and get it checked out.

The hospital were great and luckily it wasn’t busy so we were only in there for about an hour. It did need checking by a doctor because of where she fell, they though she could have something inside the wound like a bit of twig or something. Luckily there was nothing in it and they glued it and sent us on our way. Evie was super duper brave and only cried once, immediately after she fell.

Apart from that little incident we had a fab day out at Clumber Park and can’t wait to visit again very soon.

Thanks for reading.