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Nottingham #UKCitiesChecklist


On Sunday we headed to Nottingham to tick off another city on our UK cities checklist challenge. Nottingham is only about an hour away from us and although we have been in and around the Nottingham area before we’ve never actually been in to the city centre.

I asked on Instagram and Facebook if anyone could recommend some things for us to do and places to eat and one place that was mentioned a few times was Annie’s Burger Shack, which is a really cool restaurant on Broadway. After doing some digging I discovered that Annie’s also do breakfast so we booked a table for the morning. We certainly weren’t disappointed as the food was SO good, I would highly recommend the Maine blueberry pancakes which were to die for.

Of course the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nottingham is the castle. We had a wander over there after breakfast but didn’t actually end up going in as Evie decided that she needed the toilet! There’s nothing quite like kids to ruin your plans, is there?

Just by the side of the castle is the pub Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem which is apparently the oldest inn in England, dating back to 1189AD!

Next, we had a walk down to Old Market Square and the kids had a quick splash in the fountains while the sun was shining. There was also a market on so we had a little mooch around there.

Another place that was mentioned a couple of times on instagram was Doughnotts. Now, I am partial to a doughnut or two and after looking this place up, I knew we just had to visit. We ended up coming away with a box of nine doughnuts and oh my goodness, they are amazing!

Finally, before heading home we went for a coffee at the very cool Cobden Chambers which we just happened to stumble upon. It’s a quirky little area full of independent shops, colourful walls and funky street art, an instagrammers dream!

A few more photos from our day…

Have you ever been to Nottingham?

Thanks for reading.