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UK Cities Checklist | A New Challenge

UK cities checklist

We absolutely love travelling, getting out and about and seeing new places, but we don’t have the money to travel abroad very often. So, we like to explore the UK as much as we can. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country and we want to see as much of it as possible.

A few weeks ago the lovely This Thursday posted a photo on instagram of this UK cities checklist that she had made and it totally inspired me. Luckily she is now selling them in her etsy shop so I just had to get one!

We’ve decided to make it our little challenge to visit all UK cities. Of course it’s going to take us years to complete but we will get there eventually and it will be so nice to see cities that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought to visit.

We’ve started by ticking off the places that we have already been to together, me and James that is, I’m not going to worry about including the kids in this because although they will be with us for most of these trips, they won’t be for all of them and let’s be honest they couldn’t really care less at this age! Obviously there are some places that we’ve been to on our own, or that we’ve been to the outskirts of but not actually explored the city centre properly, so we aren’t including those ones.

So far we have been to Chester, Leeds, London, Exeter, Manchester, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Wakefield, Winchester, York and Edinburgh. I do have blog posts for some of these, so I have linked those where possible.

Just 53 cities to go then!

Please note than we haven’t visited Glasgow, I ticked it by mistake when going to tick Edinburgh and I could kick myself for messing up the checklist!

Where to next?

Next week we are off to Bluestone in South Wales and have discovered that St David’s is about 40 minutes from there, so it makes sense to visit while we are in the area. There’s also Swansea, Newport and Cardiff in South Wales but as we are only there for five days, I don’t think we will get the time to visit any of them, which is a bit of a shame.

I’d like to try and squeeze in a few cities in the next few months that aren’t too far away from home, so maybe within a two hour drive. Places like Hull, Lincoln, Nottingham, Bradford, Salford etc.

In the summer we are going down south for a holiday and staying near Hastings, while we are there we were already planning to visit Brighton as it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a while. If we get the time we will try and fit in another city, somewhere like Chichester or Canterbury possibly.

Of course, whenever we visit a new city on our checklist I will blog about it for anyone who would like to follow along. And please feel free to join in with this if you’d like to!

What do you think to our little UK cities checklist challenge?

Thanks for reading.