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Has your child started to show an interest in football? Are you looking for ways to encourage them into the sport? Then look no further! Here you will find five fun ways to introduce your children to the beautiful game of football…

1. Follow football news together

As well as actually playing football, it’s a good idea to get your child interested in what’s going on in the wider world of football. You could follow news and football fixtures together. They will learn a lot about the sport this way and it will help to grow their passion.

2. Go and watch a match

There’s nothing quite like going to watch your favourite team play in real life. Especially if they win! Make sure that your child is used to watching football on TV first, so that they know how much noise to expect. This could be overwhelming to really young children, so if you are concerned about the noise from the crowds you could try using ear defenders at least for their first visit just to see how they cope. The atmosphere at a football match really is electric and is sure to get your child hooked on the game.

3. Show them the basics

Chances are your child has already started to show an interest in football, and is used to kicking the ball around a little. Why not try showing them a few more of the basics such as dribbling, shooting, passing and goalkeeping? Make sure that you make a game out of it and have as much fun as possible, this is the key to keeping them interested. There’s plenty of video tutorials online that will give you some ideas.

4. Make it fun!

Above all else, make football fun! Just encouraging your children to get outdoors and play is a great place to start. If your children are particularly young and new to football, don’t make it a competition. Don’t push them too much, because you’ll only make them dislike football this way. Football board games and video games are a fun way for children to learn more about the sport in a fun and age appropriate way.

5. Consider joining a local club

As your child gets older and their passion for football increases, you might want to consider them joining a local football club. Of course, this is where things start to get a little more competitive so following on from my last point, make sure your child is ready to make this jump. If you feel that now is a good time for them to join a club, make sure it’s the right one for them and you will soon start to see both their confidence and skills grow in no time. Often local clubs will hold open days, so it’s a good idea to go along to some of these to really get a feel for the club.

Are your children interested in football? How do you encourage this, without being too pushy?

Thank you for reading.


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