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6th birthday

On Sunday Evie turned 6! I honestly have no idea how that happened, they grow up so quickly. I know that’s such a cliché but it’s so true, the years just fly by. I thought that I would share a few snaps from the day as I always like to document the kids birthdays on here. Evie had a fantastic day, the highlight being the addition of two new furry family members…

We started the day opening presents and cards. We only bought her a few presents because of her main gift, which I will get to shortly. She got some books, doll clothes and accessories, crafty bits, Lego etc.

Evie’s main present was two baby bunnies! She’d been asking for rabbits for months and we’d always said no but after considering it for a while we decided to go for it as a birthday present. I know that animals shouldn’t really be bought as gifts but we already have pets, we know how much looking after they require and I am well aware that I will be the one looking after them when she gets bored, haha. But that’s absolutely fine with me.

Introducing Coco and Olive…

Aren’t they beautiful?!

We had tried to find a breeder to get the rabbits from but just couldn’t find anyone local that had what we were looking for (two girls) and that would be ready at the right time. So we ended up at Pets at Home the evening before her birthday, and luckily managed to get the two girls that we wanted. We’d ordered a hutch from eBay which was delivered to my mums house so that Evie wouldn’t see it. James built it the day before her birthday while I took her out of the house. It was like a military operation and she had absolutely no idea. Thank goodness we managed to pull it off!

After we’d played with the bunnies for a while we went to Smyths and Pets at Home so that she could spend some of her birthday money. That’s what she wanted to do and what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets!

Later on in the day we went round to my mums house for a bit of a family gathering. We had pizza and birthday cake and Evie got to open some more presents from family…

Happy 6th birthday Evie, we love you very much x

So that’s one birthday done, the kids joint birthday party is coming up next weekend and then a week after that it’s Max’s birthday. March is always a crazy busy month for us, but definitely a fun one filled with memories.

Thank you for reading.