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birth story

So I’ve wanted to write both children’s birth stories for a long time but I never seem to get round to it. As today is Evie’s 5th birthday I’ve forced myself to sit down and write it now. As the years tick by – as they do so quickly! – the details become more and more blurry and I really want to have this post to look back on.

So here we go…

Evie’s pregnancy wasn’t the easier of pregnancies, a huge bleed at 16 weeks which continued on and off for about a month didn’t exactly put my mind at ease. Once I got further along in my pregnancy I was told that she was very small and had regular scans to check on her growth. Max was a very average 7lb 8oz, so I wasn’t expecting a small baby and it came as quite a surprise.

Max was breech and ended is an elective c-section so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to find out towards the end of my pregnancy that Evie was also breech – I’ve never actually been told why, I appear to be a bit of a medical mystery! Because of this I was booked in for a c-section on 20th March, six days before my due date.

On 2nd March me and my husband went for an overnight stay at the hotel we had got married at. A complimentary stay came as part of our wedding package and we figured it was a good idea to go before baby arrived and life got hectic. We had a lovely evening, a gorgeous three course meal and reminiscing about our wedding day. It was perfect.

The next morning, about 6am I was woken suddenly and to put it bluntly, I felt something very wet in my knickers. Given my previous bleed my initial reaction was one of panic. I jumped up but quickly realised that it was my waters that had broken. I was 36+5 weeks pregnant, not quite full term and I really wasn’t prepared. So there was quite a lot of panic that followed!

We got dressed swiftly, checked out of the hotel and headed over to the hospital, leaving the soggy hotel bed behind! Max was with my Mum and Dad so we knew that he was fine where he was.

When we arrived at hospital I was examined and it was confirmed that my waters had broken and baby needed to be delivered. I wasn’t actually having any contractions though so although they needed to deliver her reasonably soon, there was no great rush. There was another lady on the ward giving birth to twins at the time so they wanted to wait to see whether she would need assistance in theatre before getting round to me, as I was less of a priority.

I remember going to the toilet at one point and the pad I was wearing was pink with blood, and again I panicked. If I’d have given myself time to think about it I would have realised that it was my plug but I just freaked out. I never had any of this with Max as he was an elective c-section so this was all brand new to me and I was scared.

Eventually we were taken down to theatre and the rest is a bit of a blur as I was just so nervous. I’d done it before, but it doesn’t get any less scary and especially as I’d had no time to prepare myself. I just remember lying on the theatre table and starting to feel really faint and nauseous. Luckily the anesthetist was on hand to sort that out straight away with some magical drugs.

At 3:39pm on 3rd March 2013, Evie Florence was born weighing 5lb 6oz. Because she was early she was taken away by the doctors briefly for checks, but she was absolutely fine. When we went through to recovery she was fed a little formula straight away, it’s all a blur as I was a bit out of it but I think this was because she was early and so small. She also had to have a little blood taken to check her sugar levels.

Despite being a little early and being teeny tiny, she was completely healthy and thankfully didn’t have any issues. We spent two nights in hospital before heading home to start our lives as a family of four.

And there you go, that’s Evie’s birth story. I’m going to do Max’s birth story in the next couple of weeks so if you like reading these sorts of things then keep an eye out for that!

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Thank you for reading.



  1. March 7, 2018 / 3:27 pm

    Honestly, birth stories break me. I watched back Ezras birth video the other day and was in bits.

    What a beautiful move from one chapter to the next literally from hotel room to delivery room ❤

  2. March 7, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    Aww! I do love to read a birth story….Yours is a great one.