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safe home little ones

Have you recently invited a friend round to stay who comes accompanied by an army of little ones? Or, are you planning on having some little ones yourself? If either of these are the case, it’s important to protect your home to ensure children are safe and don’t hurt themselves. Whilst adults (mostly) understand not to run into things, scold our hands on hot taps and avoid the grumpy dog, most children aren’t quite as self aware.

Signage in your house can be a great way to ensure kids don’t run into any accidents, and you can find a range of useful signs at websites such as mysafetysign.com. So, which signs might you need?

Slippery surface signs

Rain damage can have a significant effect on outdoor surfaces. Wooden or tiled patios can become slippery or damaged after a wet and windy night and may be dangerous if children are running around. As children often like to wear themselves out playing outside, a sign can be useful to warn them to be careful and can help to avoid those unwanted scraped knees and teary eyes.

Hot surface signs

If you love to cook, your kitchen could be a source of danger for a child. Whilst you probably know not to touch the hob once it has been turned on, a child may not be as aware. This might be especially relevant if you have an electric hob, as opposed to gas, as if a child can’t see a physical flame they may struggle to understand that it’s dangerous. Some signs around the hobs, oven and kettle can ensure that they don’t reach out to touch anything before checking the temperature.

Hot tap signs

In some houses, tap water can change from cold to hot extremely quickly. If a child isn’t aware of this, they could scald themselves. Placing a sign in the bathroom by the sink can help to prepare them for any changes in temperature and ensure they use extra care when washing their hands.

Mind the dog signs

Whist you love your dog and have probably trained him/her, some dogs can snap around young children if they’re excited or the child winds them up. If you think your dog may have the potential to cause harm to a child, it may be useful to place a sign in the window to ensure any new guests are aware before entering your home and act accordingly. Don’t just limit this to dogs, though – cats can be just as dangerous!

Wires and socket signs

As children like to crawl around and explore nooks and crannies, they could potentially poke around in sockets and play with wires, causing the potential for an electric shock. A warning sign may help to prevent this, depending on their age.

Mind your head signs

OK, this one is mainly for the adults, unless you have some wiry teenagers visiting! If you live in a country house, you may have low ceilings or wooden panels that people can bang their heads on. Guests will appreciate the warning – and so will you, because you’ll probably forget at some point!

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*