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organise birthday party

*This is a guest article*

Landmark birthdays only come round once, and not very often, pretty much once a decade if we’re stating the obvious. But there is something about the 50th birthday that I think is special. In most families, it’s the first family birthday when both the partner and the children are old enough to have proper input and this can make a lovely time where ideas can be shared and all parties and they can be properly involved.

1. Who To Invite?

How big a guest list is appropriate? You can approach this question from two angles, firstly how much of a budget do you want to have and secondly is the recipient of the party going to enjoy a large and bold event or more a small intimate gathering? You may want to consider whether it’s more a family only or a thing with friends as well.

2. Choose The Location

Once you’ve addressed the guest list question you can choose the location. Maybe you would look to hire a big venue and make a real show of the event, or could do it at home, this works well if you are considering a surprise party as it negates the need for a complicated cover story to get them out to a certain location, providing the home is big enough. Either way, try to make it what they would like, there’s nothing worse than putting all the effort and expense to an event that falls flat on its face.

3. Decide the theme of your party

If you are looking for new ideas for throwing an unforgettable party for you and your guests, try to decide the theme of the party beforehand which will help you choose the decorations and food. For example, if you want to throw a 90’s disco party, you can decorate your venue with glitter disco balls, lights, and balloons to create a retro atmosphere. You can add customized large inflatables can be of any shape and will bring the vibe of the party to your guests. You can keep both adults and children entertained by adding a colorful bouncy house or inflatable tossing games to your yard.

4 Catering, Do It Yourself Or Hire In?

How to do the catering? If it’s at an outside venue they may be able to tale care of it all for you, but then again what if that’s not what you want. When hiring caterers look for ones that come with good reviews, check out any firm’s online reviews through Google, Facebook, and other sites to see what others think of them, ask if they can cater for any dietary requirements your guests may have. If you are thinking of doing it yourself be aware of the amount of work involved, even just buying ingredients in bulk can be tricky, for example, you should buy from good wholesale providers such as Poultry EU to ensure the best quality and prices.

5. How About The Entertainment

Are you going to be hiring a band or any other entertainment? At the very least you will need music and the venue may or may not have the required audio equipment so you might have to look into hiring your own, although if you hire a DJ they will bring their own. Are you going to have any party games?

6. Make It About Them

Having speeches and old photos of the guest of honour can be a great way to celebrate their life so far, bring up old memories and tell some old stories. This can be a great way to have a laugh and even for some guests to learn things they didn’t know about their loved one.

Thank you for reading.