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Multitasking as a Work at Home Mum


As a mum that works from home and also has one of my children at home with me for most of the week, my life is pretty busy and can be stressful at times. Multitasking has become a normal part of my day to day life and it helps me to achieve things that otherwise just wouldn’t get done. So I thought I would share a few tips and tricks with you that I have found useful.

Nature’s Finest, the UK’s number one potted fruit brand has declared 24th May National Multitasking Day, as it is set to be the UK’s busiest day of the year. But don’t panic, a scientific formula has worked out that it will also be the day when we are most productive! Make sure you stay tuned to this page where you’ll be able to see how you can get involved in National Multitasking Day and there will be chances to win some prizes too!

If you haven’t heard of Nature’s Finest before they have a fantastic range of fruit pots available for any occasion. So in the true spirit of multitasking you can eat them on the go, anywhere and at any time! I’ve been enjoying them for breakfast whilst trying to get the kids out of the door for school, or as an on the go snack whilst working at my laptop.

Here’s how I make multitasking work for me…


First and foremost, plan plan plan. Create to do lists, write everything down and figure out the best way to get things done. Because we all know how satisfying it is being able to tick things off that list, don’t we?

Embrace technology

Make the most of the technology you have by doing things like making hands free phone calls whilst getting other jobs done, such as washing the dishes or doing the washing.


You need to be really disciplined and motivated to get through your list of jobs. Of course we all have days when we’re just not feeling it, but if you’re determined enough to work your way through that to do list then you can and will do it!


Write your to do list in order of what needs doing urgently and what can wait. Being able to tick off those big jobs will give you the motivation to carry on and get everything done. Once you get to those smaller jobs at the bottom of your list, you’ll probably find that you can multitask a lot of them, for example replying to emails while the kids are having a bath or tidying up whilst listening to your child read their school reading book etc.

Nature’s Finest will be sharing multitasking tips and tricks on their social channels, so why not join the conversation…

Twitter: @NatFinestFruit

Facebook: @NaturesFinestUK

Instagram: @naturesfinestfruit

I would love to know how multitasking fits into your life. Leave me a comment and let me know.

Thanks for reading.

*In collaboration with Nature’s Finest*