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Reception, Year Two and Back to Routine


Well that’s the first week back at school done and dusted! Reception for Evie and year two for Max and they’ve both got on pretty well. It’s been nice to get some sort of routine back as well, especially now we have the puppy too.

Evie has had a gradual start, with just the afternoon on Tuesday, the morning (until after lunch) on Wednesday and then full days on Thursday and Friday. She seems to be enjoying it and there hasn’t been any tears when I’ve dropped her off so far, which is great! She is coming home very tired and emotional though, which I guess is to be expected. And at the time of writing this on Friday evening, she has just had a whopper of a meltdown, which I’m putting down to school. I’m not going to lie, I am kind of dreading how she will be by the end of next week when she’s done five full days! It’s such a huge change for her though, especially after six weeks off and before that only being used to doing two full days a week at preschool.

When I picked her up today (Friday) her teacher said that she was getting very upset at lunch time. I guess having lunch in a busy hall with lots of other children and a lot of noise is quite overwhelming for her, and very different to what she was used to at preschool. She will get used to it though, I know she will, it will just take time.

Max was really eager to go back to school, I’ve mentioned before that he loves school mainly because of the structure and routine. I feel like him starting in year two has been overshadowed a little this week because of Evie starting school. Not just that but because we know how much he loves school we just assume he will be fine.

Year one was an amazing year for Max, he had a fantastic teacher, did brilliantly academically and made a really close friend. I literally have nothing negative to say about last year, he came home every day happy and as a parent I can’t wish for any more than that. So year two has a lot to live up to!

The school were great at the end of last year helping him with the transition in to year two. He was given a little pack to bring home which detailed who his teacher would be, where his classroom would be and what it would look like etc, and that really helped him. They also made sure he met his new teacher a few times before summer and he was very happy about the move.

This first week hasn’t gone badly, but it’s not gone quite as well as we had hoped for Max. He came home one day and said that he doesn’t like the children at school because they say mean things to him. We’ve tried to get him to elaborate on this but to no avail. He also said that year two is much harder than he thought it would be. It’s a big adjustment for him and it will take him a little while to settle in and get used to things being done a little differently, but I am confident that he will be fine. For a child on the spectrum I think he generally deals with change well but I have to remember that sometimes he will struggle and take a while to adjust. Despite his struggles I am so proud of how well he is doing, long may it continue!

How have your kids got on with going back to school?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Jenny
    September 11, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    Hi Hun, glad to hear everything is going fine with both Evie and max, if max is struggling with playtime ( Caitlin went through the exact same thing ) have a word with his teacher, if it carries on and you feel nothing is being done I found going straight to mr Hague helped, he got straight to the problem ( I found no one else’s assistance helped/fell on deaf ears ) and I’ve never had a problem since,no child should have to endure being called names, I was dreading the end of the school day on Tuesday ( because it’s Caitlin who’s usually an emotional wreck ) but all the kids came home happy and have ever since, if Evie carries on getting upset at dinner time try having a word with her teacher, sometimes they let the kids sit in the class room to eat lunch ( if there’s a teacher in there ) I had the same situation with Jacob, he found it too noisy and one of the dinner ladies rushed him with his lunch, ( he’d hardly eaten a thing ) but eventually he started to sit in the hall with the other children xx