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School Places

school places

Yesterday we got confirmation that Evie will be joining Max at school in September. It all seems very real now, I honestly can’t believe that my baby is almost big enough for school, and I feel very emotional about it!

I’ve seen a lot of talk about school places over the last couple of days, lots of parents waiting nervously for that email or letter to arrive, confirming which school their child will be going to. It’s a tense time for many. Luckily all I’ve seen is good news, I’m yet to hear of anyone that hasn’t got their chosen school.

Two years ago, when we were waiting for Max’s school place to be announced, I remember feeling really nervous about it. Although we live just a few doors down from school, you hear stories of people not getting in despite living in the catchment area and it really does fill you with worry.

This time around I was far more calm about the whole thing. I knew it was highly unlikely that Evie wouldn’t get a place because of how close we live to school and the fact that she has a sibling there already. To be honest I was so relaxed about it that I completely forgot about it until a friend reminded me last week that we would be finding out really soon! So I didn’t expect to feel so teary and emotional when the email landed in my inbox. I knew she was going to school, but it just makes it more real.

I’m not sure how she will get on at school. I’ve wrote before about how she’s struggled with preschool for months, she really hated it. But over the past few months, it’s like someone has flipped a switch and she absolutely loves it. No tears, no begging not to go, she just goes straight in happy as Larry. But she’s used to the staff, she used to the friends she has there and she’s used going for just two days a week. Jumping to five full days a week is such a big leap and I’m expecting it to take a little while for her to get used to.

She’s grown up so much recently and although she will always be my baby, I do think she’s ready for big school, it’s just me who isn’t!

Did you get your choice of school? How do you think your child will cope with school? I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. April 19, 2017 / 8:41 am

    I think it’s harder being as they are our last ones. I know for us I hate the idea that our boy is big enough to go to proper school! Evie will be so ready for school by the end of the summer holidays, they suddenly become ‘big’ just before they start and you wonder if you blinked and missed the change. Glad she’s in the same school as her brother. We’ve a little longer to wait to hear about Callans place as applied out of county so we could get him in a smaller school. Keeping everything crossed he gets the school he needs xx