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jewellery collection

When it comes to jewellery I keep it simple and don’t tend to wear that much. As much as I might want to be, I’m not a bracelets or rings kind of girl. I do love hoop earrings though and have a couple of favourite pairs that I go back to time and time again. But necklaces are my vibe. I love a necklace and wear one every single day, I honestly feel naked if I’m not wearing one. I have built up quite a collection over the past couple of years but there are a few that are favourites that I couldn’t live without.

Here are my favourite jewellery pieces…

The first necklace that I want to mention is this beautiful queen bee necklace from Lily Charmed. Lily Charmed sell a wide range of jewellery and many of their pieces can be personalised, which is a lovely touch. I was kindly gifted this necklace almost a year ago and it’s still a firm favourite now.

Gold plated bee necklace – £47

I had seen the Missoma horn necklace loads on Instagram and had been lusting after it for some time, but it was out of my budget. Luckily my husband caught on to the fact that I wanted one and very generously bought it for me for Christmas last year. I would say this is my most worn necklace, I love the design and the longer length chain. Yes, it is pricey but I have 100% got my wear out of it.

Because of the longer length chain this necklace is perfect for layering. I like to wear it with my Orelia lightning bolt necklace, which is another favourite piece of mine.

Missoma horn necklace – £139, Orelia lightning bolt necklace – £55

Other great necklaces for layering are these beautiful gem stone ones from Daisy London. I went for the rose quartz which is so pretty. This one was recently gifted to me and I am over the moon with it. It goes perfectly with my Missoma horn necklace that I mentioned above as they both have the bobble chain.

“The ‘crystal of unconditional love’. Rose quartz, with its pretty pink complexion, carries a soft, feminine energy of compassion and tenderness. Rose Quartz has been used as an expression of love throughout the ages and is believed to promote the building of deep and meaningful bonds in relationships.”

Rose quartz 18ct gold necklace – £85

The final necklace that I want to mention is my beloved Merci Maman personalised necklace. This beauty has my children’s names engraved on one side so it’s very special to me. Merci Maman have some great personalised jewellery pieces and they make the perfect gift. Mine has a hammered disc which is engraved on one side, and a moonstone gem, all in 18ct gold. It is stunning.

Merci Maman personalised disc and gemstone necklace – £139

Moving on to earrings. If you are into earrings like me, I cannot recommend Missoma, Orelia and Boelry enough. Honestly, I could spend an absolute fortune on their websites. The beautiful dinosaur charm hoops pictured below are from Orelia and although they don’t do these exact ones anymore, they do sell lots of other gorgeous hoops so it’s still worth having a look on their site.

My Missoma lightning bolt charm hoops are my all time favourite earrings. They are so dainty and simple, perfect for every day wear. I’m currently eyeing up their gold star and moon charm hoops and hoping that Santa might bring me some for Christmas this year…

Missoma lightning charm hoops – £65

Finally, my Orelia rainbow gem huggies which are an absolute bargain at just £22. You all know I can’t resist a rainbow so these just had to be mine. They are perfect for if you have multiple ear piercings like below.

Rainbow huggie hoop earrings – £22

What’s your favourite piece in my jewellery collection? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

*This post contains some gifted items but all opinions are my own*