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Owning a dog has a lot of benefits, such as companionship, improved social interaction, and improving your health. Dogs love to run around, and that energy can be contagious. Dog owners are 34 percent more likely to exercise compared to folks who don’t own dogs. Being overweight, whether it’s you or your dog, can lead to a lot of medical problems such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and more. Here are some fun activities you can do with your dog that can help you both lose weight.

Play with your dog

This is a great way to bond with your dog and also squeeze in a work out. You can play catch outside with a ball, a frisbee, or your dog’s favorite toy. You can run around and have the dog follow you. Playing tug of war can help build your upper body strength as well as improve your dog’s grip. Playtime can take a toll on your dog’s toys, so make sure you have quality, safe toys from reputable companies such as Nylabone.

Jog or run

Running is a great way to exercise, so find a track you can run that allows dogs. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes on as you undertake this excellent cardio work out. The kind of dog you have and its age will determine if you should run together. Puppies, some short-nosed breeds, and short-legged dogs can’t handle certain strenuous exercises such as jogging or running for long distances because their bones are still growing. On rainy days you can run up and down the stairs. Remember to start slow.

Take your dog on a walk or a hike 

If running is too strenuous for either of you, consider taking a walk. You can walk your dog about three times a day for at least 20 minutes. Once your dog is used to it, you can upgrade to long walks and even hikes. This is an excellent alternative if you are pressed for time and can’t take your dog for daily walks.

Take to the water and swim

Swimming is a great way to exercise your whole body, so take your dog along the next time you go swimming. Since swimming is a low-impact activity, it is great for dogs of all ages. You can take them to the beach or to pools that allow pets.

Try taking exercise classes together

You can take agility classes or even doga. Doga is a type of yoga designed for you and your dog. Your dog can try out more poses other than downward dog or cobra. They can also act as a prop for some of the poses you do.

Before you start exercising with your dog, visit the vet. They can tell you what your dog can handle. Remember to take it easy when exercising in hot and humid weather because dogs don’t sweat as humans do. A dog can be your best training partner because they are great motivators and company too.

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