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I’m so pleased to be sharing our finished bathroom with you! It’s the first room in our new house to be completed and I am so happy with how it’s turned out.

As I mentioned in my last post, our bathroom is really small so we decided to not put a bath in. As a family with kids who are a little bit older now we really don’t use a bath anymore, so it just didn’t make sense to take up space with one. Our plan down the line is to add an extension that will either give us a downstairs bathroom, an ensuite or allow us to knock through to make the main bathroom bigger. That’s a few years away though so all just ideas at this point. But yes, we do plan to add a bath eventually. For now, a shower is fine.

So here she is. Please do excuse the poor quality photos, because it’s such a small space I’ve had to use the wide angle camera on my phone and the quality isn’t the best.

Black quadrant shower enclosure – £199.99, Toilet – £109.99

You may remember that when we moved in this space was a wet room, as the previous owners were elderly. Here’s a little reminder…

Here’s what we were dealing with during the renovation work…

It’s definitely a challenge living through a bathroom renovation, especially with two kids but at least it’s done now. It’s turned out exactly how we wanted it to. If you look back at my moodboard for the bathroom, you can see it’s pretty much spot on!

We got our shower, shower cubicle, toilet, radiator and sink from Bathroom Mountain. I do really rate them as they have a brilliant range at good prices. We had an issue with our shower a couple of weeks after it was installed and their customer service was great. They sent a new part straight out and luckily it’s all sorted now.

Matt black shower – £169.99, Grey wall hung vanity – £229

I knew I wanted pink tiles in the bathroom, I’d actually seen these ones about a year ago, before we were even thinking about moving! I love the pop of colour they add to the bathroom. They come in a few different colours but my heart was set on pink. My only gripe with them is that they need cleaning a lot, so it’s a good job it’s a small bathroom that’s quick to clean!

Pink hexagon porcelain tiles – £48.45 /m2

For the wall tiles we went for simple white tiles but in a herringbone pattern. I’m sure our tiler didn’t thank us for that, haha! But they look great. I’d gone backwards and forwards on whether to have them vertical or herringbone and I’m happy with my decision now it’s done. I know herringbone can be a bit much, especially if it’s a large area but given that we’ve only tiled the shower and around the sink and we’ve used white grout, I think it’s quite subtle.

Microline white tiles – 34p per tile

In order to get a bigger shower cubicle in we made the door frame narrower, it was strangely wide before. We also added a niche in the shower. I’m really glad we did this as it’s super handy to put shampoo and shower gel bottles etc on.

Amber dispenser bottles – £10.99 for 2

Originally I was going to paint the walls white but changed my mind to light grey in the end and I’m really glad I did. With it being a small room I knew we couldn’t go too dark on the colour and I think it’s a light enough colour to keep the room bright, but dark enough to give a contrast against the white tiles. The colour is Ammonite by Farrow & Ball but colour matched by Decorating Centre Online.

What do you think to our new bathroom?

Thank you for reading.


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