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Since becoming home owners earlier this year, we have definitely got the bug for home renovations. Although we’ve done lots of decorating, we haven’t undertaken any major work just yet but we have lots planned over the next year or so. There’s lots of ideas swirling around our heads, and lots to think about.

Below are five trending home renovation projects to consider in 2022…

1. Bring the outdoors in

A big trend at the moment is adding as much glass to your home as possible, to really bring the outside in. You may have seen lots of people adding large bi-fold doors to their kitchens which are ideal in summer when you want to incorporate your garden into your living space as much as possible.

You may also consider changing your internal doors for glazed ones, this allows light to flow through your home and you’ll always have a great view no matter where you are in the house.

2. Extensions

As we’ve seen the property market boom over the past two years, we’ve also seen a huge increase in the amount of people extending their homes. Demand for builders is at an all time high and this trend is set to continue into 2022 with many people opting to extend their homes rather than move.

It could be a single story kitchen extension, a big double story extension, a loft conversion or even a basement conversion. There are many different options when it comes to extending, so think through your options carefully and really consider the space that you want to gain.

3. Conservatory

Conservatories and garden rooms are becoming very popular once again. There’s many different ways to go with a conservatory; you could opt for a traditional style or go more modern. Either way you should consider installing an under floor heating system, as this will allow your conservatory to be used all year round and not just in the summer months. If we were to add a conservatory to our home I would go for an aluminum lantern roof as I love this style and how much light it lets into your space.

4. Home office

With more and more people now permanently working from home, it’s no surprise that many are looking to add a permanent office space to their home. At the beginning of the pandemic many people were thrown into working from home and having to make do with desks in spare bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. While this may work in the short term, it’s not an ideal solution. Garden offices are a great idea as they can be done on a budget and they allow you to keep your home and work life somewhat separate.

5. En suite

Another home renovation trend that isn’t going anywhere is adding en suite bathrooms and downstairs toilets. Many old homes were built with just one bathroom, which simply doesn’t work for most families now. If you have the space to add an en suite or a downstairs loo, it can be done relatively cheaply. It will of course be really handy for busy family life and it will also add value to your home.

What home renovation plans have you got for the year ahead? Big or small, let me know!

Thank you for reading.


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