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We have been in our new house for just over a month, so I thought I would update you on our progress so far. To be honest it feels like progress has been really slow but I have to keep reminding myself that it’s only been a few weeks and we will get there eventually. The important thing is that we’re happy here and the house very much feels like home, despite the state it’s in.

So, the first jobs on the list were damp proofing and a full rewire of the electrics. The damp proofing is being done as we speak, hopefully that will be finished today. Although they will need to come back to do the dining room, once the work has started in there later in the year. They’ve also done some plastering for us in the living room, so I do feel like we are getting somewhere in that room at least.

We have also had new radiators put in. Aren’t they lovely? We’ve found it quite challenging trying to figure out what order things need to be done in but of course electrics and radiators needed to be done while we have bare floorboards. So at least we have got that right!

Speaking of electrics, we’ve had a bit of backwards and forwards with that but we have now been told work will start on 21st March and should take about a week. I’m not looking forward to it as I hear it’s a really messy and disruptive job, but one that really needs doing. Can you believe we have no plug sockets at all in our bedroom?!

As soon as that has has been done, we have a plasterer lined up to come and patch up and do a few other bits for us so that we can then get on with the decorating before the carpet goes down upstairs.

We also have work starting on the bathroom on 27th March, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! Below is a moodboard so you can get an idea of what we’re going for. We currently have a wet room, as the previous owners were elderly. We did think about trying to squeeze a bath in but it’s the smallest bathroom ever and it just seemed pointless as we rarely have baths. So we’re sticking with just a shower, with the hope of extending in future and creating a bigger bathroom at that point.

We have a new front door being fitted on Monday. All our current doors are wooden so we desperately needed something a little more secure and less likely to let the slugs in…

We currently have a porch which has been really useful for storing coats and shoes. We decided to add some vinyl flooring that we had bought for the last house but never ended up using. It looks really nice but since doing that we’ve realised that the porch is going to have to go. It’s old, the wood is rotting, it’s leaky and slugs seem to love it. So it will have to be knocked down at some point.

We’ve also had a few quotes for windows so we are now just deciding who to go with and when to get it done. Who knew windows were so expensive? We have two beautiful bay windows but they cost around £2.5k each to replace! So yeah, we may well have to do the back windows first and the front ones next year as we just can’t justify the expense right now.

We’ve also sent our internal doors off to be dipped and they should be back with us next week. I can’t wait to see what they look like. They are the original 1930’s doors but are of course covered in layers and layers of gloss, so we’re stripping them back and having black handles.

One thing we are struggling with is getting a builder booked for the work on the kitchen and dining room. We are having the dividing wall knocked down, as well as the back porch, adding a downstairs toilet, bi fold doors and a new kitchen. It’s a pretty big job and where most of our budget is going, but we can’t seem to get anyone to do it! We’ve had a few people out for quotes so far, half wouldn’t even give us a quote until we’d spoken to a structural engineer (now booked in), and the others just never came back with a price. We have another guy coming out at the weekend. He did the same work on my mum’s house, so I know he’s decent and I’m pretty much pinning all my hopes on him now! Cross your fingers for me that he gives us a reasonable quote and can book us in in the not too distant future…

I think that’s pretty much everything aside from the never ending painting of woodwork! Now that I’ve wrote everything down like this it actually feels like we’ve made more progress than I thought. I’ll definitely write these posts regularly, probably monthly. As it’s good for me to see how far we’ve come if nothing else!

Thank you for reading.


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