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Last month I finally got round to writing about Evie’s bedroom, it might have taken me 6 months but never late than never hey? Well I’m finally here to tell you about Max’s bedroom. And you never know, one day I might even get around to telling you about our living room makeover, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

So Max’s bedroom is the box room, and measures just 2.6m x 2.4m. His old bedroom was really big and honestly wasted on him as he doesn’t tend to play with toys very often. Evie used to have the small bedroom but we decided to change it around in this house as she spends a lot more time playing with her dolls and needs the floor place more than Max does.


As space is limited we knew we couldn’t fit a bed, wardrobe and a chest of drawers in, like he had in his previous bedroom. We thought about having just a bed and a wardrobe, but it just wouldn’t have worked with the location of the door and window. So we started looking at cabin beds and mid sleepers. I’ve never really liked the look of these but there’s no denying that they make great use of space in a small room. We ended up going for the Parison cabin bed from Argos. It has a desk area, two very spacious drawers as well as space for storage or even a cosy den underneath.


As well as the bed, we also had enough space to fit in a small chest of drawers. This comes in handy for underwear, pyjamas and some other bits of clothing. Anything else that doesn’t fit is stored in Evie’s wardrobe as she has plenty of space. It’s also the ideal location for his TV, which he can easy watch from his bed. We spent ages looking at TV’s for him and decided on this small 22″ one which I think fits the space really well.


I knew I wanted to do a half and half painted wall in Max’s room. As it’s a bright room we went for a dark grey paint, which is called Gentleman’s Club from Frenchic. We are now big fans of their paint as it goes on really well, needs no more than two coats, dries super quick and doesn’t smell!

Many of the accessories that you can see in his room were brought over from our old house. But we did add a few new things though, such as the rug, which fits the space perfectly, his bedding and the M cushion.


What do you think to Max’s new bedroom? If there’s anything else you’d like to know that I’ve not already mentioned, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you for reading.

*The paint mentioned in this post was kindly gifted by Frenchic*

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