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Winter is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy nature. While it is a festive wonderland, it is also cold out there. Toddlers love to explore the great outdoors with you, so help them to stay warm and comfy in wintry weather. First, take the time to find the toddler clothes that are most appropriate for the conditions in your neighborhood. Warm cotton shirts and fleece-lined pants can make the perfect first layer. Parkas and snowsuits help to buffer wind and water.

It is also helpful to find the best activities for cooler weather. The following ideas are fun and safe ways to get outside with your toddler this winter. With so many choices, you are sure to enjoy the season together.

1. Take a Short Nature Walk

A short walk is the perfect winter activity for a toddler. The winter season is an excellent time to hear and see a variety of birds. Trees and plants look much different this time of year. Small children may enjoy watching snowflakes or touching snow.

Before you head out for your nature walk, take care when choosing toddler boy or toddler girl clothes from the closet. A beanie and pair of matching mittens or gloves will prevent heat from escaping from your child’s head and body. If they touch something cold, they will still be protected from the elements. Fun colors and textured fabrics will keep them feeling cozy and looking stylish.

A short walk is an opportunity to go on a scavenger hunt. Chat with your toddler about the items you will see on your journey together. Choose a short list, such as your neighbor’s holiday decorations or your favorite forest animals. Find them together as you wander. Bring a stroller and a blanket in case your little one gets cold or tired. For extra safety, carry reflective gear and a flashlight. Stay close by the house or bring a reliable car with a car seat if you decide to venture out.

2. Paint Festive Designs with Snow

Everyone knows how to make snowmen and do snow angels. Toddlers love these activities, but what about something more unique and interesting? Small children love to color, which makes snow painting extra fun. All you need is water, food coloring and a plastic bottle.

Mix water and a few drops of food coloring in the bottle. Shake gently and then cover with a non-spill top. Once you get your warm toddler girl or toddler boy clothes on, it is time to venture outdoors. Find an open space with packed snow. Pour a bit of the colorful mixture out in the snow, letting your child watch how you “draw” with the bottle. Your toddler can create any shape or design they would like. Try writing their name or drawing letters of the alphabet.

Fill more than one bottle to do holiday colors or design a snowy scene. By having more than one vessel, you can easily model the activity for your toddler. Little ones will stay busy with snow painting, but What to Expect suggests that you take breaks in the interest of winter safety. Try painting for 20-30 minutes and then take a pause to make sure everyone is happy and warm.

3. Explore Helpful Winter Vehicles

Big trucks and haulers are just as exciting to toddlers in the winter. Toy dump trucks and excavators are not just for dirt or sand. Take them out in the snow and pretend you are clearing heavy mounds of the frozen water. This activity is perfect for the back deck, front yard and even a public park.

While you line up your favorite trucks, use small shovels to help the vehicles find a safe path. Small figurines and winter animals can help to create a fun winter story scene. If you are out and about, look for vehicles that are clearing the street or the snow.

Snow plow trucks and front-end loaders are particularly interesting for toddlers. Snow blowers and snow melting trucks are fun for imagining scenes and creating fun stories. Tell your child the names of the vehicles you see and what they do for the community. You can even make it a learning session by looking them up on a tablet or smartphone. Let them view the vehicles in different scenes and learn more about their responsibilities.

4. Leave Treats for the Animals

Toddlers love to help. They also love to care for animals. Let them be an assistant to the winter critters in your backyard. Leave them something nutritious to eat with an activity that is one part craft, one part adventure.

First, you and your child must create a safe treat for your seasonal friends. A homemade birdseed recipe is easy to make and includes many of the grocery items you already have in your pantry. Gather ingredients like sunflower seeds and cracked corn to keep winter birds busy. They will also love to eat safe and healthy snacks like millet and raisins.

To help feed the birds, purchase a small and affordable bird feeder to hang in a tree or place on a high ledge. You can also complete a DIY bird feeder at home. Suet feeders and tray feeders are easy to create, even if you have a busy toddler. It is also possible for birds to eat out of specially-fashioned milk jugs and craft stick feeders.

Enjoy a Winter Wonderland with Your Toddler

Winter brings many fun and unique activities for toddlers. You can keep your child safe in cold weather with the right layers and protective gear. Take photos to help chronicle your memories along the way. This list is sure to help you with the inspiration you need to create an unforgettable winter outing!

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