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Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. There is so much time, effort and love that goes into planning, it should be exactly how you dreamed it would be. But, as with anything, there are things that can go wrong that are completely out of your control. If the worst does happen and there is a problem on your special day, having wedding insurance will give you peace of mind that everything is covered.

Here are five reasons you should take out wedding insurance…

1. Cancellation due to illness or accident

This is something that is on our minds a lot at the moment, due to the current pandemic. But it’s worth noting that a lot of insurance companies will not cover you for anything relating to covid, so please do pay close attention to this when taking out your insurance. Aside from covid, wedding insurance will cover you if you need to cancel or rearrange your wedding due to a member of the wedding party being unable to attend. This could be due to illness, an accident or death and includes the couple themselves.

2. Problems with your wedding venue

Ever wondered what would happen if your wedding venue went bust? Or they had to close for essential repairs? Well wedding insurance will ensure that you are covered in such circumstances. Without wedding insurance you could have a lengthy battle on your hands to try and get your money back. Check out wedding insurance comparison website Protect Your Family, to ensure your get the best deal available.

3. Loss, theft or damage

Worried about losing your wedding rings? Your dress being stolen? Or your cake being damaged in transit? All of these items are generally very expensive and could not easily be replaced if this did happen. Wedding insurance will cover you in these eventualities and allow you to relax on your big day.

4. Cancellation due to extreme weather

Most wedding insurance policies will cover you if a majority of your wedding guests cannot attend due to adverse weather conditions. Living in the UK, we can never 100% rely on the weather, can we? I remember that even we had a little rain on our wedding day in August! And especially if you are planning to get married in winter, because as lovely as snowy wedding photos will look, if most of your guests cannot attend it may not be the special day you had hoped for.

5. Issues with suppliers

Your wedding insurance policy should also cover you against problems with your suppliers. It may be that the florist supplying your flowers doesn’t turn up, or your wedding cake is somehow lost before it makes it to your venue. Or heaven forbid your photographer is a no show!

Are you planning to get married soon? Will you be taking out wedding insurance?

Thank you for reading.

*Please note that all insurance policies are different and will not all cover the same things. Make sure you read your policy carefully*

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