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fitness plans

*This is a sponsored post*

I’ve actually got a little wave of excitement and motivation as I write this post. I am so ready to get into the new year and start working on my fitness again. I was doing really well with my fitness this time last year, and into 2021 but as you know we moved house in April and since then working out has taken a back seat. Exercise for me is not about losing weight, it’s about feeling good, having more energy and improving my mental health. It’s so important and I really can’t wait to get back into it. Here are my fitness plans for 2022…

Home workouts

As much as I’ve considered joining a gym, I just love the ease and convenience of home workouts. I find it’s much easier to fit in a quick 30 minute workout in your living room than it is to go to the gym. By the time you’ve got there, done your workout, got home and showered you’ve lost most of your day! So I’m definitely going to be getting back into home workouts in January. I tend to do YouTube workouts, I particularly like the walking workouts from Joanna Soh.


I have tried and failed with Coach to 5k a good few times now so maybe I’m just setting myself up to fail again with this one. But, I feel ready for the challenge. I plan to take it slow and repeat weeks when I feel I need to and remember to take rest days. I’m never going to run a marathon but I’ve always wanted to complete Couch to 5k, so maybe 2022 is the year!

As an asthmatic I can find running (especially in winter) hard on my chest and breathing. I recently heard about POWERbreathe, which is an inspiratory muscle training device that relieves symptoms of asthma by improving lung function. It’s not just for asthmatics though, it can be used in covid recovery or simply to help improve fitness levels and stamina. I think this is something that could really help me and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.


My favourite way to exercise has always been and will always be walking. I used to aim for 10,000 steps a day as a minimum. I probably average around 7,000 or 8,000 now so I want to make a conscious effort to increase that in the new year. I really enjoy walking and find it very therapeutic, it’s a great way to clear your head. I got a Fitbit for my birthday in 2020 and I’ve not taken it off since, it’s amazing how much it motivates you to move.

fitness plans

Mental health

Finally, the biggest thing for me when it comes to exercise is mental health. By far, the main reason I want to start exercising again is to help my mental health. 2021 has been a really tough year for me. I’ve struggled massively with my anxiety and I find it very difficult when I feel like that to find the motivation to exercise. I’m feeling a little more positive at the moment, and hoping that January will bring us some very good news so I know that will help me to find my mojo and get back into exercising again. I’m very excited to get started and feel better about myself again.

What are your fitness goals for 2022?

Thank you for reading.


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