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staying healthy

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post*

At the start of a new year, many of us are looking for ways to start living a healthier lifestyle. Especially in the middle of a global pandemic, we all want to make our health a priority. It can be difficult to know where to start but I hope that this post will give you some helpful tips and advice on your journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

5 tips for staying healthy in 2021…

1. Eat a healthy diet

It’s OK to have the occasional treat, but it’s all about balance. Make sure the sweet treats aren’t happening too often. Get lots of fruit and veg into your diet, at least five portions per day. Fruit and veg give us all the fibre, vitamins and minerals our bodies need to stay healthy. Also pay close attention to your salt, sugar and saturated fat intake as these can have a negative effect on our blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health.

2. Stay active

As well as having a healthy diet, it’s important to stay active. Depending on your fitness levels you could consider home workouts, maybe running or just stick to walking. Personally, I have found that wearing a Fitbit has really helped motivate me to move more. I always try to get my 10k steps in each day and also enjoy doing low impact home workouts.

3. Quit smoking

It may seem like an impossible task, but it can be done! And don’t worry that it’s too late, it’s never too late to quit smoking and add years onto your life. You may find that the best course of action for you is using patches, nasal sprays, chewing gum, vaping or simply going cold turkey. If you do decide to go down the vaping route, you can begin with a vape starter kit which includes a small and discreet e cigarette that is easy to use and easy to refill.

4. Reduce alcohol consumption

While it’s OK to have the occasional glass of wine, you should ensure that you keep your alcohol consumption within the recommended levels. The government suggests that we shouldn’t consume more that 14 units of alcohol each week. Alcohol can cause many medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, heart disease, liver disease and even cancer.

5. Drink plenty of water

As adults, it is recommended that we drink 1.5 litres of water every day. I know that sounds like a lot and it can be difficult to achieve this, but it can be done! I find filling a large bottle with water as soon as I wake up and drinking it slowly throughout the morning helps. I will then refill it after lunch to reach my 1.5 litre goal by the end of the day. Drinking lots of water can help with many things such as circulation, skin condition, joints and it even regulates body temperature.

What are you doing to stay healthy this year?

Thank you for reading.