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*This is a guest article*

Who likes going to the gym? Raise your hand. Well if you’re anything like me your hand will be firmly lowered beside you as I don’t like going to the gym. There are indeed so many different gyms to choose from these days and they all cater to a different audience, small ones for those that like a more intimate experience, large mega gyms and those that are for the average Joe and others that cater for the body-building diehards. But for some of us it doesn’t matter what it’s like, we feel self-conscious and stressed out in these environments and inevitably don’t last with the fitness program. So another option open to us it utilises some of the free space in our home and build our own, private, home gym. It’s not that difficult a task to achieve and so here are some of the things to be aware of.

How Much Space do You Have?

The amount of space you need is going to be a critical factor in how you build and kit out your gym space. It’s not only a good idea to consider the size of all the equipment and the floor space available but to consider how much space between each piece of equipment you might need as well. It’s a good idea to look into what size and weight the packages that the gear arrives in as if you are in a high-floor apartment or even just upstairs in your own home then it might be difficult to get some bulkier or heavier items into the room.

What Type of Fitness are you Interested in?

For some of us, we are unsure of what we want out of gym training and it’s just a vague notion to get fit and I think when starting many of us fall into this bracket. This is fine but you do need to think about what you need out of your gym unless you have a vast amount of space as you’ll need to make decisions based on the room available. But some do have a very specific fitness goal we are looking to achieve, you could be a boxer, for example, and would need some punch bags or you are a climber and are looking to install some fingerboards or a miniature climbing wall. But even if you are just looking for general fitness you can’t have everything in a home gym so think about what you want to achieve before finalising each decision.

Do You Need to Modify the Room?

How suitable is your space for a gym? It’s good to consider this before you accidentally make a mistake that causes damage. If you need to wall-mount anything make sure the wall is strong enough or if you are having particularly heavy equipment then consider rubber flooring to keep the impact to a minimum.

Free Weights or Machines

You may not want to be a body-builder but almost every gym will contain some sort of weight lifting, it is possible to only have cardio equipment but this is rare, you’d expect at least some light dumb-bells to be part of the set-up. But the big decision on weights is to know if you want free weights or machines. The big difference between these two is that free weights are lifted on their own with no cables etc supporting them, this gives you a more free range of movement but can be considered more risky with regards to injury by some. Machines can offer a range of lifts using the same weights and can be a real space saver, most casual gym users would probably prefer this method, and these can even be rented as well as purchased.

Outside Gym

It’s becoming quite the fashionable thing for people to build outdoor structures in their garden for a variety of uses such as man-caves, family rooms and even gyms. This has a few advantages, it allows the gym to be separate from the house and its own place, which is great. You need to check out if you need planning permission and this is usually dependent on the size of construction as in many areas small out-buildings can be put up without planning permission. It’s good to know if this is or isn’t the case though as you can be forced to demolish the structure if you did it this way.

Other Concerns

Getting fit is not just about the gym, it’s a whole lifestyle thing, sleep diet, etc. also come into it a lot. So make sure you keep everything as part of an overall plan and you’ll be hitting those targets before long.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post*