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So Shape

Last month I had an email pop into my inbox from So Shape, a nutrition company based in Paris. They offered to send me some of their smart meals to try and as I was already on a mission to lose some weight, I said yes.

I had never heard of So Shape, so I had a browse of their website and did a little research. The reviews that I came across seemed really positive, so I was excited to get started and see how much weight I could lose. At this point it was about six weeks until our holiday and I really wanted to shift a few pounds and So Shape looked like a great way for me to do it.

For me, I find dieting extremely difficult. I love food, but I’m also quite lazy when it comes to cooking and preparing meals. I often skip lunch because I don’t want to have to make something, which then results in me raiding the cupboards for chocolate and biscuits late afternoon. And this is exactly where the extra weight has come from.

I’ve tried to diet many times in the past and it always starts off well, but I quickly tired of the prep involved. I knew that So Shape had a good chance of working for me, because of how quick and easy the meals are to prepare.

How does it work? 

So Shape smart meals contain all the nutrients you need to easily drop excess pounds without deficiencies. They are low in calories and high in protein and fibre, as well as containing all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to tone up and slim down.

The idea is that you replace two of your usual meals with a So Shape smart meal and have one open meal each day. Your open meal is rule free but of course should be within reason. If you find that you are still hungry after your smart meal, there is a list of open foods that you can eat. These include chicken breast, white fish, cucumber, tomatoes and broccoli. The full list can be found in the challenge booklet that comes with your plan.

The plans

There are three plans to choose from – Reboot 5 day plan (£35.00 or £3.50 per meal), Remove 14 day plan (£89.00 or £2.96 per meal) or Reborn 28 day plan (£159.00 or £2.65 per meal).

I decided to go for the 28 day plan as I wanted to push myself to lose as much of my extra weight as I could before our holiday. The 28 day plan included 60 smart meals, a shaker and challenge booklet which contained all the information I needed to get started.

Smart Meals

There are 22 different flavours of smart meal in total, and each one of them sounds delicious! You can choose between sweet shakes, hot meals, iced frappes and hot soups. In the Reborn 28 day plan I received vanilla and white chocolate shake, cookies and cream shake, strawberry tart shake, sea salt caramel shake, indian curry pasta and tomato soup. My absolute favourite was the cookies and cream shake, which was so so nice!

How much weight did I lose? 

I hold my hands up and admit that I didn’t stick to the plan 100% all of the time. I did have the odd alcoholic drink, I did eat out a couple of times and I just couldn’t say no to a takeaway! So, my results aren’t quite as good as they could have been. But despite my indulgences, I still managed to lose an impressive 7lb! I am so pleased with this and know that I will feel more confident in a bikini on holiday now.

Final thoughts

The smart meals were great, I preferred the shakes which were perfect for me as someone with a serious sweet tooth. They really helped to keep my sugar cravings at bay. The hot meals and soups were good too. The pasta didn’t look particularly appetising but it tasted far better than it looked.

I’m already thinking about doing the challenge again in the near future as there’s some shakes I really want to try. The cinnamon cookie, mint choc chip frappe and lemon cheesecake frappe sound delicious.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, or something to kick start your weight loss I would definitely recommend So Shape. It isn’t a long term solution, but it’s really helped me to find my motivation. Now that I’ve lost 7lbs, I know that I will keep going with healthy eating and exercise.

Use the code EMMACUSTOM to get double the amount of flavours in any 14 or 28 day challenge.

To find out more about So Shape, visit their website here.

Thank you for reading.

*In collaboration with So Shape*