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In our household, we talk about how spending time together and creating new memories together is a priority for all of us. It helps us grow closer as a family, and traveling is a fun and favourite way for all of us to do this together! It takes us out of our day to day ways of thinking, and brings us to a new place and new state of mind where we are focused on each other and having fun. When it comes of choosing where to go, this makes choosing a place where there is something for everyone even more important so that everyone is excited to be there and feels involved.

So for when you and your family are ready to start thinking about your next family adventure, here are 5 ideal places for a family adventure:

1. Iceland

If you’re family loves to adventure and be out in nature, Iceland is the perfect location. There are fun exploration and science-fascinating things to do like visiting glaciers and going on hikes to see wildlife and waterfalls, and there are relaxation type activities like spending some time to soak at the Blue Lagoon in the healing geothermal waters. You can find all of the information about Blue Lagoon Spa on their website. Before leaving for Iceland, think about how much activity you want before going on this trip and how much rest time your family will need, since there is so much to see!

Why not hire out a camper van and really make the most of exploring Iceland? Cozy Campers Iceland offer rental camper vans to suit a range of different budgets. They also offer different size options, to sleep from two to four people. So they are great for families too!

2. Lanzarote

Lanzarote, located in the Canary Islands, offers beautiful landscapes including Timanfaya National Park and long stretches of beaches where you can get a very different landscape than you would in the UK. For unique experiences, go on a cave tour at Cueva de los Verdes, and if you have little ones, head to Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park.

3. Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are a favourite travel destination for many, particularly for those who love winter activities. If you hand your family love to ski, head here for a trip where you can spend some time together on the slopes and enjoy down time together between the runs. You can also take a quick trip up to see the Matterhorn Glacier.

4. Croatia

If you and your family are ready for some island-feel vacation but don’t want to travel too far from the UK, head to Croatia! It is common here to enjoy lengthy and delicious meals together after a day well spent at the beach, and to walk around the town with an ice cream in hand and soaking up all the time together.

South African Safari

For most families, a safari is at the top of the family travel list. It brings a rush of excitement to a family trip, and is a great way you can create memories together. You can make an event of it to learn about the animals before you go together, so you all have that in common while out on the safari!

What types of trips do you like to take with your family? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below with your favourite experience so far, or perhaps a favourite recommendation!

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