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I’m back with another reno update! It’s been just over two month since we moved into our new house and although it does still look like a building site for the most part, we have made some progress. If you haven’t read my last renovation update I’d suggest checking that our first and then popping back over here.

The main thing to happen in the past month is the rewire. We had the whole house rewired and I am so glad it’s over and done with. I had heard lots of horror stories about how messy a job it is and don’t get me wrong, it was. But we’d already been living in chaos for a few weeks so what’s a bit more dust added to the mix hey? I’m going to write a more detailed post about the rewire at some point, so if you’re thinking about having it done you might want to give that a read.

Another huge update is that our bathroom has been done! We’re just waiting for the plaster to completely dry before we can paint it. We’re also waiting for the tiler to come back to do the splashback behind the sink but we’re so close to being finished now. I will of course do a blog post about the bathroom when it’s completely finished.

Here’s what it looked like a couple of weeks ago…

And here’s a sneak peak of it now…

We’ve also had lots of plastering done in the past couple of weeks. We needed the damaged done by the electricians to be patched up and we’ve had the bedrooms skimmed too. There’s still the living room to finish and the hall, stairs and landing too. Having the plastering done has meant we’ve spent many hours stripping wallpaper. Some came off relatively easily, and some was a complete nightmare! My husband even tackled some woodchip which was surprisingly easy to remove.

As you can see below some walls just crumbled away when we removed the wallpaper, which is not what we wanted but I guess it’s all part of renovating an old house isn’t it?

Our internal doors have been dipped and returned back to us. They look amazing, I’m absolutely over the moon with them. We’ve been so busy that we’ve only managed to sand and hang one of them so far, but it looks great. We’ve also had our new upvc door fitted which is only a small thing but it looks so much better.

And finally, we have booked in the work for the kitchen and dining room! It’s not being done until September but at least we know it’s all arranged now. We’ve paid a deposit and had the structural engineers plans back. Next we need to go through the building control process with the council.

That’s everything as far as I can remember. I wonder what we’ll have to update you on next month. My hope is that we will have completely finished the bathroom and at least started decorating the bedrooms. I would like to have booked in the carpet fitting too, that would be very exciting! But we’ll see, things don’t always go to plan do they but I’m sure we’ll make some progress at least.

Thank you for reading.


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