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look back 2018

I thought that I would sit down and do a little recap of 2018, it’s certainly been a good one! I don’t think we’ve been quite as busy as we were in 2017, but that isn’t really a bad thing as that was a crazy jam-packed year.

Of course there have been downs as well as ups. The latter part of this year has just seemed to be one thing after another, but I think it’s important to look back at the happy times and go into a new year feeling positive. I’m very excited for a new year and lots more adventures with my gang.


In January we finally finished decorating Max’s bedroom. I was SO pleased with how it turned out, and I think it’s still my favourite room in the house now (when it’s tidy that is!).


February was a pretty quiet month here, it always is isn’t it? We did celebrate Valentine’s Day though…


March is always a busy one for us as it’s birthday month for both kids. Evie turned 5 and Max turned 7. It was also the month that brought a lot of snow to the UK.


In April, after a loooong winter we headed off to Fuerteventura for some much needed sunshine and family time.


May brought more sunshine, it was glorious…


In June me and Jim managed to escape to Liverpool child free, for a friend’s wedding. We had a fab time and even managed to explore Liverpool, which is somewhere I’d never been to before.


At the end of July, when the kids had finished school for the summer, we went to Italy. We stayed at a Eurocamp resort close to Venice, so we got to explore the beautiful city.


In August, I turned 31 and we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary at our wedding venue, Whitley Hall Hotel. We continued to enjoy a gorgeous summer, the best we’ve had for years. August also saw us visit Scotland, on a little roadtrip with Days Inn.


September was a very quiet month for us as the kids went back to school. I did manage to get some cute photos of the kids though, some of my absolute favourites…


October was all about Halloween, the kids favourite time of year. We also redecorated our dining room.


November was another quiet month, but a busy one for me work wise. We did manage to make time to go to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree though. It’s something that has become a yearly tradition for us.


And finally December brought Christmas and the end of another great year…

How was your 2018? I hope it was a good one.

Thank you for reading.